Beginning (Date) __________________ (Inventor) ______________________________ and /or his/her agents or assigns will disclose confidential know-how, patented and/or non patented inventions, designs, trade secrets, etc. ("Information") which INVENTOR considers to be of a valuable commercial asset, relating to:



    The purpose of the disclosure is to allow confidential disclosure and communications between (Company/Individual) ________________________________ and INVENTOR to discuss the development, marketing, and other relevant issues with respect to said INFORMATION.  This is not an offer to sell.

    It is understood that no obligation, express or implied, is assumed by the COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL and until a formal written contract has been entered into and the obligation of the COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL shall be only such as is expressed in the formal written contract.  Any INFORMATION disclosed by the INVENTOR shall remain property of INVENTOR.

    COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL agrees that disclosed INFORMATION will be held in strict confidence, and INFORMATION will not be disclosed to any other persons outside the COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL without prior written consent from INVENTOR.  INFORMATION released within the COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL shall be on a need-to-know-basis.

    COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL shall not be bound to secrecy when COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL can document that said INFORMATION was found in the public domain, disclosed by a third party completely independent of this or prior disclosures by INVENTOR,  or was previously developed by COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL, its divisions, subsidiaries, or affiliates.

Specific purpose of disclosure:

These terms are agreed to by:

INVENTOR: _____________________________________________DATE: __________________

COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL: _________________________________DATE: __________________

NAME: __________________________________________TITLE: _________________________

SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________________________________