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Did you know that. . .

Hi there! How are you? This is a page that tells all about me. Why am I putting it up here for people who don't give a shit? Because I have no life that's why.

If you want to get in contact with me (hot guys listen up) my email is
. You can also find me on AOL instant messanger, and my screen name is cokesamurai or MewKitty122 (I use this more).

Here is some info. Read if you like.

  • Name: Laura
  • Residence: Atlanta, GA
  • Sex: Yes Please (ur a moron if you can't figure it out)
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: grey
  • Other physical charactersistics: I am really short
  • Siblings: One very annoying little 13 yr. old brother(aka Devil Child, Tool of Evil, Mommy's little Monster, Satan, HellSpawn)
  • Living with: my mom years. My dad lives elsewhere
  • Pets: Googles, my apricot and cream fuzzball who's a lazy fatass. Jade, my parakeet who sings, Amelia, family dachsund with ears that stick up, Pez, my brother's poor, neglected guinea pig, and this goldfish that will never die.
  • Hobbies: Sleeping, writing fiction stories (like the one about Samurai Showdown), reading, playing my keyboard, drawing, hanging out with friends, going on-line and shopping.
  • TV Show: DARIA!!!
  • Movie: I would have to say it's a tie b/t Poltergeist (THE scariest movie), the Matrix, and Never Been Kissed. Charlie and the Chocolate factory (makes me hungry)
  • Book: tie b/t Shogun, CAnterbury Tales, Walden, and the Dollanganger series by VC Andrews; also Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--great story and a social satire
  • Food: Whatever I have a craving for
  • Drink: COKE!!!!!
  • Music: metal, technopunk, anything 80's, some rap, classical
  • Person I admire: Janeane Garafolo (no, she doesn't do the voice of Daria)

    Things that I hate (if you associate with at least three of the following, I probably don't like you)

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Boy-girl bands ( but I like man-hating black girl bands like Destiny's Child)
  • People who place looks as a number one priority
  • School
  • Worms
  • Vomiting
  • People who are cruel to other people because they are insecure about themselves
  • People who think they're all that.
  • Carson Daly
  • Rednecks who honk at you when you walk down the road
  • Drunks
  • Pastel Colors
  • Womanizers
  • Conformity
  • Telemarketers
  • Pop-up ads
  • Animal abusers
  • Girls who are 5'4" and think they're short

    Oh. . .and I forgot to include my picture!!

    (L-R) Myself and my BFF Natalie

    . . .

    Senior pic

    Here is my loveable furry fatt ass cat!!!

    oh, and please e-mail me!!

    Pretty long list, huh.

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