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Poetry Corner

Hello, on this page I have posted some of my poetry that I have written. So, sit back and enjoy with your favorite cup of coffee Remember, I will also post other people's work as well, so contact me
if you so desire.

**Some of the Poems don't have titles; the first line is in bold.


A meteroic spark

Blazes through

A labyrinth of gray

Winding tunnels

~~We encase ourselves in Eggshells

Coated with pastel dyes

Too reluctant to see tougher skin

~The Swarm~

here i am I sit here and i wait and i wait in darkness ignored jesus i have too much time to brood so i brood about having too much time to brood that noise what was that noise the cat yes it had to be the cat but ill doublecheck anyway why did he leave me leave me why does she slam the door in my face leave me alone goddammit what the hell do i want what the hell do i want. . .

He eats the red fruit--

Swollen, curvy outer flesh

Indulges his sweet tooth

For a fleeting moment,

And when


He spits out the remainder--

A brittle pit

Ghost in Your Hall

~~I walk down your checkerboarded floor

Past candles

Past large arcades of columns

100 feet high

~~You walk down that same hall

As me

I look in to your cryptic blue eyes

And you look into me

~~You have known your hall

Every columnade, every black and white tile

But sometimes you notice. . .

That mysterious wind in your precious hall

But then you ignore it

~~It's dark, and the wind comes

I want to talk to you

But I am invisible--

Ignored, just a shadow. . .

~~A ghost in your hall

~~True Sunshine

Upon hearing the weatherman

Embellish the blistery cold and

Tearing winds and the chance there may be--

Get this--


And on your way to rape the supermarket

You walk outside and feel the warmth of summer.

That is true sunshine.

And it is so fervent that even the slightest breeze

Brings not the slightest chill

But the utmost pleasantness,

Begging you to jump into the sparkling

Waters of refreshing spring

That is true sunshine.

And when the sky is clear

Nothing visible but the vast azure above

No obstructions

No clouds

That is true sunshine.