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Places That Rock my World

Here are my favorite links. They're dope, man


Cool shit here: where you can get hilarious top five jokes in your email. Don't have to wait for Letterman.
The Scoop on Daria. . . who said guys get all the fun?
Hilarious site w/ everything. Endless amusements. . .AMUSED.COM

Extreme Cogitation: My Best Friend Natalya's webpage. It has her writings

Webpages of Samurai Shodown

CK's page of Samurai Shodown. It has my story posted. Best page around.
Awesome site dedicated to Haohmaru
Another great SS site

Asura Dynasty: Another cool SS page. Love the graphics

Asura Dynasty: A site with downloads and original art (too much Rimururu shit. . .as usual.. .). But cool, since it has Asura on it. . .

Samurai Shodown 2001: great SS site. Nice Asura pictures. En espanol. . .

Mizuno Kenshi's SS site: a great site with cool pics. Too bad it is only Korean (but the menu, luckily, is in English), but the pics of Sogetsu are hilarious, like the one where he's dressed up as that pokemon kid
Great Search Engines great search engine and good email service.
Another great engine. Googles is also the name of my fat cat that I love more than anything