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Disclaimer: The following opinions are my own and not those of Coca Cola Co. This is a non profit site dedicated to the deliciousness of a great beverage. Also, if you're a fundamentalist Christian, I suggest you leave.


My fellow people, we are gathered here today in order to honor the greatest drink of all time: Coke! It unites the world together. Do not let anyone misinform you that Dr. Pemberton invented this savory masterpiece because it is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! This is the real deal: One day, Dr. Pemberton was out in his garden, and he came across a burning bush, and that bush said "i BELIEVE THAT THE PEOPLE ARE READY FOR A DRINK SO PROFOUND AND SO HEAVENLY THAT IT WILL CHANGE EVERYONE'S LIVES. I GIVE YOU THE FORMULA. . .AND I CALL IT. . .COKE!" sO Dr. Pemberton used the formula and made this delicious beverage called Coke! A drink only made by God. . .COKE POWER!!!!! We must band together to stop the evil Pepsi, that tastes SO NASTY. Never let anyone sucker you into drinking it. Just drink Dr. Pepper. I am proud to be born in the city of Coke, Atlanta (Coke is the only good think about that city)! And, my fellow people, never let these bogus research findings frighten you from the hedonistic pleasure of a glass. Let them say that it kills your bones and leeches calcium from your body and rots your teeth, because, my people, IT'S WORTH IT! Coke provides a life force more powerful than what your mother gave you. Each can you drink you are reborn again. One more time, my sisters and brothers. . .COKE POWER!!!

Coke. . .A world of its own

As you can see, Coke is timeless. It has been here forever. . .before it was capitalized and marketed. It is the true nectar of the earth, sweet and satisfying.

Coke in History: Why USA kicked ass in WWII

Do not try to fight the power; try to invoke it. COKE POWER!!!

Coke and Me: together for life. . .

You are probably now wondering why I have made this shrine and expressed passionately my feelings about Coke.

It all started when I was a little baby--probably about 2 or so (I have a great memory), and I was at this daycare, and one of the ladies who worked their offered me a sip of her Coke. I had one sip, and I wanted another--in fact, I wanted the whole damn thing. So I cried and I cried. . .

Well, when I was a child my mother decided to ban everything good and wonderful from me--that is, she wouldn't let us have any sweets, like Lucky Charms, Oreos, and Coke. All the other kids ate these things but NOT ME. No my mom was being a $%#^! (I really love my mom. . .). Her banning these things from me made me want it even more and more and more. Such sinful pleasures. . .

I knew where to get the good stuff. Friend's houses, relatives. . .

My first real addiction to the good stuff came when I was at my uncle's house one summer, and he had CRATES of the good stuff, so I asked for a Coke. He said "Of course" and I went for it. Well, then I wanted another, and another, and another. . .you get the idea. I had insomnia that whole summer.

As a rising senior in a demanding private school, Coke is the life force because it has one magical ingredient. . .CAFFEINE! Well, I still had insomnia and I had to wake up early for school all irritable until my fix. I had a cold one after school EVERY freaking day and now I've gone up 5 pants sizes since my freshman year. I am trying to cut back, but it's all good when you've got a coke in your hands.

"Image is Nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst."--slogan for Sprite, a non-caffeinated but thirst-quenching coke product.

Praise all that is good! COKE POWER! Here is some coke poetry. If you'd like to donate Coke poerty to me, let me know

This one came from the back of a coke can. . .

"By now you've probably opened it already

The sound

The fizz

The taste

It's all there telling

your senses to come

alive and taste all that

life has to offer

Coca Cola


All right! Someone actually sent me Coke poetry! This is from Aleas Crawan
--one crazy son of a bitch lol :)

Cold caffeinated coke, dark and sweet as sin

Signs in cursive the places where it's been

Soft curves of a glass bottle, bottled thing set free

Bubly, the emotions float to the surface and pop

Brought out, bringing about, the best, unable to stop

The hand lifting the bottle to the fair lips of thee

Coca-cola offering...

Yes! Another new poem! This one is from Jeff Fry
. It has a goth twist to it. . .it is about the legendary warrior (me!) who must fight the EVIL PEPSI! It is kinda long. . .

Dawn stood still to spotlight strainds

of viewers tranced in reverance.

as war drums beat the blaring din

soundtracking new malevolence.

a genesis, a new god's birth had spread in word like dreaded plauge.

and the curious now culminate around his cradle, dark and vauge.

they sense a penetrating pulse of potent power looming by.

and bitter father time alone decides which of them is to die.

their wait is kept short

with shreiks and gasp and other sorts of sounds escaping horrored lip

all turn and marvel, bend and kneel, as the ground extends its ruptured rip

and out of earhtern womb swells mammoth head soon followed by it's build

gargantuain and merciless, the skies, with glaring eyes, are filled

his ministers proclaim in prose

but in the awe no one quite knows

what sense to make out of their words...

until their Master's voice is heard.

he roars and speaks in defeaning voice




already faithful serve the wicked leader and are offered tastes

to quech their thirst on vile liquid with demons blood enlaced

but inside a staring beauty a fiery heart skips not a beat

as decidedly she makes her way onwards towards the monsters feet

as ever closer she draws near she thinks not fear, nor doubt, nor pain,

but dons a mask of stoic determination which she shall sustain

through task- through plan -through hell itself -until she's vanquised cursed foe

and eyes of fire flame radiance as swiftly drawn is lethal bow

aims high

lets fly

strikes dead and ends new birth

behemoth cries in anguish

and falls limply to the earth

victorious she stands facing the heap of flesh now void of breath and his reign of tyranny over soft drink joins him in death

withdrawing bow, she now recites her mantra , tired and true