Some of my Drawings

This page I post some of my artwork. A lot of it is from Samurai Shodown and some are from other, random things. Enjoy

Samurai Shodown

~~My first image is Charlotte in a dress (pencil):~~

~~Here is Nakoruru in an Ainu outfit (colored pencil):

~~Punk Kazuki (marker, colored pencil):

~~Hanzo-San (I did this one a while back, so it kinda sux; colored pencil and marker):

~~Haohmaru (graphite):

~~Charlotte (graphite)"

~~Amakusa (pencil)


~~Cutting Ignorance Down to Size (pencil):

~~Why Boys Have Such high Insurance:

~~Retards of the Future:

**It's hard to read, but she is reading "Retards Book of Teaching" and the kids are reading Retards guide to Math.**


~~Blue Girl I drew on a plane because I was bored (pen/colored pencil):

~~Sketch of Girl on Toilet (pencil)

Roxanne Art

~~Roxanne: a character from a story I was working on but the DAMN PC DELETED IT(pencil):

~~Elaine (graphite):

~~Roxanne moves to Florida (pencil)

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