Chapter 12

© Copyright 2006 by Kendra Cornell

Again! She got away AGAIN! Fury exploded behind his eyes. He had searched the entire house, just to be thorough, but the shreds of tape in the hallway indicated that she had freed herself. The house was in shambles- whatever she had been searching for had caused half of the destruction. The other half was a result of the rage and frustration that boiled through his veins. Her car was still in the garage, so she was on foot. But when had she left? How long had she been gone?

How could this have happened again? I told that little cretin to tie her up and make sure she was incapacitated. How stupid could he be!! If only he had been able to get here earlier. Too many people had known about the all-night fundraiser, expecting him to be there, and there had been no opportunity before this moment. Nevertheless, he should have made it happen. Mistakes! I can't afford all these slip-ups!

Fatigue was edging in on his brain, and numbing his movements. He was getting too old to stay up all night, not to mention running around like this. There was no other woman on earth who would have caused him to do these things. But they were necessary, and ultimately she would be worth it.

He sat in one of the plush armchairs and closed his eyes. She was bound to show up again, and when she did, he would have to be there. Her face was plastered all over the news. Someone was going to see her. Someone would call the police. Then they would call him. And when they did, he had better be ready to go, which meant getting some sleep.

Quietly, he replaced the cable repairman's garb he had donned to get in and out without arousing the suspicion of the neighbors. He smiled grimly at the mess he had left for the Channel 8 reporter, and walked quietly out the door.

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