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Courage the Cowardly Dog


A Night at the Katz Motel | Cajun Granny Stew

The Shadow of Courage | Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist

Courage Meets Bigfoot | Hothead

Heads of Beef | Club Katz

Demon in the Mattress | Freaky Fred

The Hunchback from Nowhere | The Gods Must be Goosey

The Queen of the Black Puddle | Everybody wants to Direct

King Ramses' Curse | The Clutching Foot

The Snowman Cometh | The Precious Duckling

Night of the Weremole | Mother's Day

The Duck Brothers | Shirley the Medium

Courage Meets Bigfoot A seemingly ferocious Bigfoot creature is terrorizing Nowhere. The Bigfoot is after Muriel's delicious pies, and it's up to Courage to stop him. The food fight at the end is a Courage Classic Moment...

Hothead An experimental Hair tonic that Eustace volunteers for turns him into a raging lunatic whenever something makes him the least bit angry. The downside: whatever he gets mad at blows up. This is the episode where you get to see Courage hiding in a toilet. (That's the clip played on the ad where the dog runs away from the sprinkler.)

Shadow of Courage One of the first courage episodes, a shadow of a dead tycoon terrorizes Courage and the folks. It turns out that the shadow is good, and he makes friends with courage in the end.

Dr. Le Quack: Amnesia Specialist Muriel is hit on the head by a wooden plank when Eustace is working on the roof. She loses her entire memory, so Eustace kicks Courage out of the house hoping that Muriel will forget about him. A phony duck-amnesia specialist comes and attempts to rob them, but Courage manages to contact the police and save the day. Just gotta see Courage get his "pants" sucked off by Le Quack's vaacum cleaner.

Heads of Beef Courage suspects that a fast food resaurant (run by pigs) is serving humans as burgers. Well, Eustace sure likes em'!

Club Katz Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are shipwrecked on an island where good ol' Katz has set up a "resort". He turns people into mechanical appliances, and then makes them battle each other in an arena for his own entertainment. Eustace doesn't seem to mind being a wrecking ball...

Demon in the Mattress Muriel orders a new mattress, and when she tries to take a nap on it, she becomes possessed a la "The Excorcist". Head-spinning and all. Courage tries to beat her at thumb-wrestling, but it doesn't work. He finally frees her by singing what sounds like a high school football cheer as an incantation.

The Duck Brothers This is a good episode. Once again, fowl from space attacks Courage, Muriel, and Eustace. This time, Muriel is kidnapped by two bumbling, arguing duck alien brothers. Their constant arguing is their vice. They turn Muriel into a kind of Rock em' Sock em' robot, and theres a great battle between Robot Muriel and Robot Eustace. Eventually the brothers get past their differences and accomplish their original goal with the help of Courage.

Shirley the MediumWhile communicating with his dead brother in order to find his long lost box of cash, Eustace refuses to pay the gypsy, Shirley, and she casts a spell on him. The locked box then becomes demonic and terrorizes the three. Eustace does end up with the money in the end...

Freaky Fred In this, one of the most bizarre Courage episodes ever in my opinion, Muriel's off-the-wall nephew, Fred, comes to visit. It seems Fred has escaped from the Insane Asylum, and has a fetish for cutting hair. He proceeds to lock himself in the bathroom with Courage and scare the bejesus out of him.

The Hunchback from Nowhere A very touching episode of CtCD. It actually had me on the brink of tears. (Not really)This episode strays from the theme of most others. Courage befriends a misunderstood hunchback. Very cool.

The Gods Must be Goosey! A goose becomes infatuated with Muriel, and tries to make her his queen. Enjoyable, but sometimes weak. I didn't like the fact that the Goose was only trying to prove his love to Muriel. Didn't give Courage much to be scared about, considering Muriel didn't want to leave Eustace anyways.

The Queen of the Black Puddle A queen who lives in a puddle outside of the house kidnaps Eustace, and is about to eat him, when... An overall OK episode. Plot line was kind of weak, but you just gotta dig that sequence where Courage saves Eustace from the "Underwater Castle".

Everybody Wants to Direct Very inventive. A zombie director come to "shoot a movie" on the farm, but it's only a plot to revive his zombie friend and eat Muriel. The director "Benton Tarantella" was a parody of independant film director Quentin Tarantino. Funny how Courage re-wrote the script.

King Ramses' Curse Not a bad show. After a couple of thiefs bury an ancient cursed artifact (worth a million), Eustace takes it for himself. Eustace refuses to return the ancient relic, and three plagues are sent upon Courage and co. Water, Music and (Flying?) Termites. The musical plague bears the most hilarity, as Courage runs all over the farm looking for a way to stop the annoying tune. ("King Raaaa-aamsee-ees! The man in gause, the man in gause!")

The Clutching Foot Eustace is infected by a strange toe fungi, which later proves to be a group of gangsters. They then pressure Courage into helping them knock off a bank, and a train. Gangster toe fungi? Oh well, what do you expect? This episode is worth watching, if not only to see Courage break into a bank a la "Mission:Impossible". Nice tennis-shoes Courage.

The Snowman Cometh Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are living in an igloo, but are confronted by a living snowman who wants their genetic info for an experiment of his. In the snow. OK. I like the concept of this episode, but I didn't enjoy how it played out. One thing that bothered me was how Courage laughed like an idiot when he first rolled into the snowman's cave. That's very un-courage. He should have held his head and gone "Oooh-ooo-oooh!".

The Precious Duckling Courage brings in an egg, but when it hatches, it think that Eustace is it's mother, and then goes about trying to get Muriel and Courage out of the way. (All while pampering his "mother" Eustace)This is actually a pretty funny episode. Gotta love the way Courage slaps that duck across the face when he tries to saw Muriel's rocking chair out from under her. Those ducks, you can't trust em'. One thing that struck me as strange is how Courage says: "Normally I like ducks, but...". Likes ducks? Hmmm... think back to all the sinister fowl that Courage has suppressed, and then tell me he likes ducks.

A Night at the Katz Motel My favorite episode by far, and the one that first introduced me to Courage the Cowardly Dog. The high point of this episode is when Courage ends up playing the Kat at handball in order to win Muriel and Eustace's lives. What's with the wierd music that accompanies the Kat wherever he may appear?

Cajun Granny Stew This episode only adds to the satisfaction of 'Motel'. Also one of my favorite episodes. This is the kind of cartoon that reminds you of old Buggs Bunny and Daffy Duck kinda stuff. There's no plot, just senseless running around and beating each other up with bombs and salamis, and it's awesome.

Night of the Weremole This is a great episode. A Weremole terrorizes Courage, Muriel, and Eustace. When Muriel gets bitten, they go see the doctor "Just put some ice on it!", and she soon shows symptoms of a weremole victim. It's up to Eustace to subdue the beast who is Muriel, and its up to Courage to get in a bunny suit and retrieve a hair off of the Weremole's back.

Mother's Day This episode is about Eustace visiting his mother, which is scary in its own way. His plan to make Courage look like a mad dog, so he can get out of visiting goes wrong, and he ends up staying for the day. Oh, the horror.

Any Episodes that I forgot from Season 1? If so, please e-mail me and inform me of my mistakes. Thank you and enjoy!

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