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R. Sauer Enterprises A site about myself and my projects


My interest in computers started with Apple products and to some degree I prefer them over any PC however, with the prices of Apple computers being what they are and the affordability of building your own PC, I have become a bit more open minded.

Apple computers-I currently own a Performa 6400/180 that has been tweaked until it can be tweaked no more. I love the damn thing! Never have any trouble with it, easy to use, it is computing as it should be. Since I spent so much time with Macs (and continue to) this is where my heart is.

Mac Bench scores:
       Stock Processor: 184     Current Processor: 300
       Stock Floating Point: 207     Current Floating Point: 455
       Stock Disk: 123     Current Disk: 520
       Notes: Improvements in Processor and Floating Point scores are due to L2 cache upgrade.
                  Improvements in Disk scores are due to partitioning the stock hard disk drive.

For more Mac information and technical assistance please visit The Apple Coalition

My PC-I currently own 4 PCs (hey they're cheap) ranging from a 200mhz Intel to my 950mhz AMD. I became interested in PCs when my employer offered my the old systems we were replacing at work. I snatched them up and learned as much as I could at the time. Over time I began to study for the CompTIA A+ certification test and my knowledge of the PC improved. I have upgraded everything imaginable and encountered all of the common PC problems that we face in day to day use. My current "flagship" is the following...

ECS K7AMA main board (integrated 3d sound and LAN, 5PCI, 1AGP)

AMD Duron 950mhz CPU, ATI Rage video card, IBM 56k flex modem, Wearnes 32X rewritable CDROM

all fixed drives are SCSI (2 hard disks using FAT32)

Games of interest Mac

Mech Warrior-Activision, Shattered Steel-LogicWare, Return to Zork-Infocom, Dark Forces-Lucas Arts

Games of interest PC

Need for Speed 3 or higher-EA, Quake 3 or higher-ID, Formula 1-EA