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A look into the past to


at our

Lanier High School


Lanier drawing

Lanier High School began in 1924 in Macon, Georgia. It changed in the 60's as all of the county schools were involved in restructuring which included name changes. All graduates are still proud as they speak of their alma mater, Lanier High School for Boys.

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Lanier crest

Days of







Lanier patch All of us can look back on the days of our ROTC.  Do you remember wearing this patch at Lanier?



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Are you a poet?  Why do I ask?  The mascot of Lanier was the poet; Sidney Lanier, a famous poet, was born right here in Macon. Visit the next page to learn about



I am Lee Johnson, a '63 graduate of Lanier. Please email me.
I will add a list of names and email addresses if you request to be added.
Are you interested in Lanier memorabilia? Click on the desk.
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Watch for details about the reunion on
April 11th and 12th of 2003
for the class of 1963!

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