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Roper's Rowdy & his Offspring

This is Star and Bucky's puppy, Minnie, a new generation of Bench Leg Feist.

This is Browny, He is out of Shorty & Rip. Rip is from Roper's Rowdy & Peppie(the dark brown spotted dog jumping up on the tree). He is a squirrel hunting little dog.He is a really good house pet also.

Roper's Rowdy, a great little hunting dog. Years are taking its toll. It is sad to see age slow the body down when the will, desire and spirit is as great as it ever was. He was 13 years old. This little dog was U.S.D.R. Researve Champion at age 3. He has produced some of the best Feist that are out there today. His pedigree goes back into the 1800's. Rowdy was put to sleep 3 Feb 2003 due to kidney failure. This was a bad day at Black Oak Kennel.