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Lavan's Squirrel Feeder

You should see all the sunflower seed hulls under this feeder, it is awsome. They must have been 3 inches deep and in a circle 5 foot around. It is easy to make just make sure you make it not bigger than the dimentions listed here on the inside or the squirrel will get inside and feed, there by filling the feeder full of hulls. The top of the feeder is hinged and the glass fits in groves so it can be taken out and cleaned at any time. Make sure your top is big enough to cover the holding tank for the seed or it will get wet inside. The dimentions are as follows for the inside of the feeder: from side to side it is 5 1/2", 5" front to back, that is from the glass. It is a total of 7 1/2" deep from top to bottom, but the glass is only 6" high to leave a gap at the top. I put some white tape on the glass for in the picture so you see what I was talking about. The bottom or the stoop is big enough for the squirrel to sit and feed on. The idea of this feeder is for the squirrel to lift the hinged lid and reach in to grab seed and then lower the lid and feed on the outside so as not to wind up with hulls on the inside along with the good seed. There are two holes drilled at the top on the back piece to run a wire through to hold it against the tree.