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Danger Force Alliance NewsCenter

Hello Fans! This Is Danger Woman! Welcome To The Danger Force Alliance Newscenter! Your Home Of The 2001 Danger Force Alliance Roster Nominees!

Congratulations to Our 2000 Winning Nominees: Tome The Consort, White Owl, Milady Mesmerona, Detective Bey, Supernatural Private Investigator, Christina "Gia" Gmetriko, Super Nova, Movie Task Force ScanRanger And Super Bat!

Here are the 2001 Nominees For The Danger Force Alliance Honor Roll!

Pallette Varshpine
Pallette Varshpine is the Artist Laurate For The Danger Force! His Speciality Is Designing Kewl Album Covers And Is Into Computer Art! His Special Weapon Is The Laser Color Pallette, Which He Uses To Zap The Bad Guys Into A Boxed Up Situation!

HotShadow, The Flame Of Justice!
He heats things up when the forces of evil in his hometown of Trenton, New Jersey, try and take over! He has pyrokinetic powers, can fly and can make a great campfire for a great evening meal for his friends!

Thunder, The Weather Princess!
She can rain on the bad guys parade, bring snow to a hot summer day and warmth on a very cold snow day. She has the power to control the weather, can fly and has a very powerful link with the animals, thanks to her telepathic powers! When she is not fighting evildoers, Thunder does community service as a pet therapist, taking her faithful cat, Tai-Chi, to hospitals to help people who are sick to make them feel better and stronger.

The SuperBat!
From a drop of sweat left on the stage of The AquaBats amazing Sno-Core Performance, spawned a small, pea-sized superhero. He was brought to the laboratory of Dr. Goldfinger and was trained to become a champion of justice, a true crimefighter and crusher of rap...THE SUPERBAT! His powers include the ability to eat a Taco Bell Grande Meal in less than 5 minutes, without any help from the adults, the strength of 1.5 men and the speed of 2 men. He also has a special device, the Taco Bell "Gas-Powered" Turbo Booster.

The Amazing Andre
He was an evil abuser of the oppressed, until Danger Woman used her Danger Karaoke Microphone, to turn his frown upside down and healed him of many years of abuse by people other than his parents. His powers include beating the stuffing out of the bad guys with his steel implanted hands of justice, can talk to reptiles and monkeys with telepathy, and has a special Space Shooter, that is holstered to his right leg. He also can calm zombies down.

Doctor Deeper, Defender Of Hypnosis!
When Mark Patterson had a near-death experience in 1986, Hypnos, The God Of Sleep, gave him the power to use the powers of the mind to hypnotize the forces of evil, while helping the forces of good with their problems. Besides the power to hypnotize, he also has this precogintive abilty to warn people of future danger. He resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he has just completed his education in Psychology, in the hopes he can use this new skill, alongside with his powers, to help Danger Woman overcome her past. So, be warned, Evildoers! With Doctor Deeper on the side of justice, you might end up being hypnotized!

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