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Danger Force Alliance

Hello and Welcome To The Danger Force Alliance!

Apollo Smile
She is called the "Live Action Anime Girl", Who Is Also The First Of The Three Charter members who joined "The Danger Force Alliance!" When Danger Woman met her at Dragon Con 1997, they became fast friends! It was the beginning of an alliance between a gutsy Live Action Anime Sensation and a gutsy Japanamation/ Sentai Sensation! Apollo Smile has since earned her Charter Membership Certificate Into The Danger Force Alliance as part of Danger Woman's BIG 3-0 At Dragon Con 1998! At the 1999 Dragon Con, She wore a very heroically kewl Danger Force Alliance Costume, that earned Danger Woman's Seal of Approval. Not only that, she also got some Danger Woman/Apollo Smile/Dragon Con EXCLUSIVE T-Shirts For Her To Sell at her concerts and the entire Danger Woman Saga on cassette tapes-Danger Woman Vs. The Triphobes, Japanamation/Sentai Sensation, The 1997 Christmas Concert and of course, Holiday Hero, which is Danger Woman's Christmas Album, in the hopes it might convince Apollo to do a Christmas album. At least Danger Woman told Apollo: If I can do a Christmas album, Apollo, why don't you try and do one like I did?!? And she thought it was a great idea! Apollo Smile came back to Dragon Con again this year (2000) and Danger Woman was there to protect her from a very bad person. She made sure that she got her annual batch of Official Apollo Smile/Danger Woman/Danger Force Alliance Dragon Con EXCLUSIVE T-Shirts, with help from Purr Kitty, Andrew DuBois And Big Jake. Also, Christina "Gia" Gmetriko became a member of the Danger Force Alliance for her efforts. Not only that, she wore this NEW DFA HOT FLAME Costume, which Danger Woman loved and her Y2k DFA Two Piece Look. And the best part of them all was that Apollo Got Danger Woman's NEW CD, Encore, in exchange for one copy of Love, Kisses And Grenades, which Danger Woman donated to WRAS Album 88 in Atlanta, Georgia USA, for their CD Music Archives, which in Danger Woman's eyes, was her way of sharing the world of Apollo Smile to a college radio listening audience and to give back to her community.

He is a superhero who loves science and magic! When Danger Woman saw Labman about to be given a lesson in time by that wretched Baywatch Reject, The Hourglass, our gutsy heroine used her ultrasonics in her voice to ruin her time-eye mask and helped Labman bring this timeless villianess to justice! Later, DW challenged The Lounge Lizard to a Karaoke Showdown and defeated him! Labman became the second charter member of "The Danger Force Alliance" because of his knowledge of science and magic!

The Phantom Highlander!
Real Name: Riverwind MacLeod
Other Aliases: Dorian Gray, Phantom Highlover, Lord Highlander
Telepathy And Mind Control
The Phantom Saber!

The Phantom Highlander is Danger Woman's first and only true beloved! They first met at Dragon Con 1997, when he heard her lovely voice sing out for him! He met her for the first time, when Danger Woman was in her secret identity and accepted her invitation to see her perform! That night, Danger Woman, in costume, performed and right at the very front row, The Phantom Highlander watched her sing! He even won a prize for being there at the concert! But, his greatest triumph was winning her heart and a very first date! Danger Woman and The Phantom Highlander went to the Dragon Con Suite at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and dined on Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches, Tuna Fish Sandwiches, Carrots and Celery Sticks, Potato Chips and Soda Pop. There, he revealed to DW that he was a distant cousin of Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander of Seacouver! Danger Woman's eyes glowed when her Danger Sense detected that he had a latent mind control power that only he had and asked him politely to please use it on her, because she knew that he wondered where she came from and where she got her powers. Danger Woman explained, while in trance, the whole story of her life, and was able to explain things to him. Then, he took her back to her headquarters! The next day, he left Dragon Con, but our gutsy heroine was able to rescue his picture, so that she would have something to remember him by! Later that summer, he did e-mail her a line to let DW know that he was OK. DW did not hear from him again until February, 1998, at the Highlander Forum and The Rysher Highlander Chat Room, where he won DW's love once again! But,tragically,he made a heroic sacrifice by risking his own life to save Danger Woman from some evil vampires! Even though he sacrificed one life, Danger Woman still believes that he is not dead, that he is still alive and she hopes to be reunited with him and be his lifetime songbird! Well,she did not give up hope and on March 19th, 1998, The Phantom Highlander did return to the Highlander Chat Room and defended Danger Woman's Honor against the ones who abused her! Not only that, DW was so happy that he came back that she sang "Eye Of The Tiger" in telepathic mode, for only the ears of The Phantom Highlander can hear her croon this song so beautifully! Then, his mission done, he went back into the shadows until the next time DW was in dire peril! Two Days Later, Phantom Highlander said good-bye to DW, but she understands like a full fledged superhero would! She told him that if things did not work out, that she would always be there for him and that there is always Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia And The Danger Force Alliance! Since that time, he has saved Danger Woman from evil swearwizzars and her arch-enemy, Dr. Demetrios! During Danger Woman's Big 3-0 at Dragon Con 1998, Phantom Highlander was able to use his mind control telepathy to calm her down and sent her a special gift-A Baby Black Labador Retriever Puppy With A Burgandy Scarf named Ginger- as his birthday gift to Danger Woman and a special birthday greeting, which he placed in the deepest level of her psionic subconscious. Phantom Highlander did return once again to help Danger Woman, whether it was to help her make peace with her mentor, The Blue Blazer, who was murdered, teamed up with his cousin, Duncan MacLeod to help find Danger Woman and helped defend her honor and helped calm her down after she beat the stuffing out of Vince McManon of the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (WWFE). They even celebrated their very first Christmas together, then got to see The Atlanta Falcons and helped saved the Super Bowl! And, over the July 4th weekend, he was watching out for Danger Woman at the 1999 Dragon Con, in which she was grieving over the tragic death of The Blue Blazer, then he helped Danger Woman save Christmas for The Aquabats! As 2000 came, Phantom Highlander supposedly died, but he came back, which was a great miracle! He has saved Danger Woman from such evil villians as Divad The Evil Magician, Kevin Kelly Of The World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, The Evil Dragon Lady, Maxine Dragon and other assorted evildoers. He even protected her and Apollo Smile and Bliz Magic from some not very nice people! He was there when she defeated the evil robo, Triphobicon and helped stopped a great US Constitutional Crisis, then came 2001 and he was there, protecting and defending Danger Woman during her BIG birthday party at Dragon Con and with some help from their old teacher from Superhero School, was able to spend some time in Hawaii during the Christmas Season.

Thanks for visiting the Danger Force Alliance!

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