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DVD Photographic Tour

I have recently produced a photographic tour of Andersonville National Historic Site. > This narriated DVD is 45 minutes long and contains a short tour of the National Prisoner of War Museum as well as a narriated tour of the Andersonville prison stockade grounds and the National Cemetery. The prison ground portion contains more than 200 historic, and present day photos as well as many taken during our living history program with a great many reenactors. The National Cemetery portion contains more than 175 photos which focus on many individual grave markers as well as the many State monuments erected in the late 1890`s through early 1910`s.You can view the National POW museum portion of the DVD on Youtube. I also have another which has many of the prison ground and cemetery photos which are also on the DVD at You can
Now those of you who may never make it to Andersonville can visit the Historic Site from your living room. To order a disk, send $12.00 ( this includes postage ) to....
Kevin Frye DVD
30 Hillside Drive
Butler Georgia 31006

Feel free to email me with any questions at