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Other Services I offer

I have several services to offer for researchers or descendants of prisoners who were held at Andersonville.
If you have any documents that show your ancestor was imprisoned at Andersonville but he is not on record as being there, keep in mind that of the 54000 who were held, there are only 34000 records that survived the war. If you have copies you wish to submit to Andersonville that mention he was there, ( Letters, obituary, biography,Military documents,) you can either send them to National Park Service, Andersonville National Historic Site, 496 Cemetery Road , Andersonville Georgia 31711. If you wish to send them to me, I will hand deliver anything you want to send to those who handle the files.
If the records show " MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE " this means that a descendant of the prisoner has sent records. This sometimes is only a page....sometimes a goldmine of information, letters, photos, even information on who sent the data. This will help you find a " cousin".There is no fee at Andersonville for the copies , but they do ask for a small donation for copies. If you want me to get copies, I usualy drop in a few dollars to 10 dollars depending on how much is in the file.
I also take grave photos for a small fee.( SEE BELOW ) I will take one close a few feet away.....and one several feet away showing the grave in relation to the surrounding cemetery. I will throw in a few extra overview photos and a pamphlet from the site. My fee is 15 dollars sent with 3 postage stamps to...Kevin Frye 30 Hillside Drive Butler Georgia 31006