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Picture courtesy of Clay Gratz of Crystal River Fla.

I have spent many days out on the water dragging line, trolling for those elusive fish. Who said it would be easy?
I suppose the TV fishermen make it look easy but they too spend many hours out on the water trying to land fish just so they can make a video for our viewing pleasure during those cold winter days.

In todays world there is a arsenal of fishing aids.Besides Fishing rods and high tech reels (that even wind fish in electronicly),there are sonar(fish finders),temperature probes and speedometers at the strike zone.
The theory is; if you can find them,you can catch them. Well! it is only a theory,the fish donít always cooperate.But I will say,I agree with the theory. It doesnít make sense to idly troll line and lures through the dead zone or fish where no fish are ever charted.

But! get it right and Whoa,Baby!!! Hang on.

You just may be going home with a keeper.

Charter operators spend many hours upon the water, their experience tells them where the fish should be on any given day and this provides them with a starting point . Of course! this starting point is aided with the help of another electronic device,a Loran or a GPS.
Lorans work from radio signals strategically positioned to form a grid.Measurements of signal distance is calculated electronically providing your location through a series of longitude and latitude waypoints. The newer units have what is called a plotter that displays your travels upon a lake.
A GPS(global positioning satelite) is similar except its signals are received from satelites and it is more accurate.With a GPS it is like putting a stake into the bottom of the lake and marking your spot.They are extremely accurate.

Of all the devices available for fishing and a day out on the lake there is probably none more important than a good positioning unit.If you have ever been caught out on a lake when the fog rolls in you would surely understand its importance.It was put to good use one day when out on Lake Ontario fishing salmon. The fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife and suddenly a fog horn from a lake freighter sounded like it was right on top of us.My brother-in-law , Roy...knew exactly where to head out of harms way. Talk about needing a diapher change.

Of course, there are other safety equipment that you should not even leave the dock without,life preserver and marine radio,two of the most important and don't forget a good bilge pump.
My good buddy John Stringer and I had to make a run for it over rough waters one day, the boat was taking on water and the bilge pump had stopped working. First time I ever seen him put on his life preserver. Better throw in a bailing bucket also,you just can't be too careful. Put safety to the top of your fishing list.

Once safety is addressed a good fish finder will help tremendously to locate fishable waters. No sense dragging line through idle waters. A fish finder may find the fish but doesn't mean to say fish will be caught, you still have to use the right methods to catch the fish.

I won't bore you with all our fishing stories but we have had some good ones.

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