Links to Some Interesting Recipe Sites

Here are some links to checkout if you are into recipe collecting.
I particularly like to read restaurant reviews, never know when I may travel a particular area and I might just look up one of the places that gets a good review. I also like trying ethnic foods,if it is different than I ever get at home,you can bet I'll be trying it. Anyone got any interesting sites they would like me to add to this page, just email me.


Those Cloned Recipes Sites

The Copykat Creations - Lots of clone recipes.
Top Secret Recipes - Not so secret anymore.
The Kitchen Link - A host of clone recipes
McBurgers- If you like to know how the fast foods do it.

Restaurant Reviews

Dining-Out - Reviews
The Phantom Gourmet - Online Restaurant reviews from around Vermont area.
Times Union - where the chef will devulge his secrets.
Roadfood - Reviews for the traveller.
Roadside Diners - A page out of yesteryear
Inn Keeper Recipes - If you like Inns or B&B's
Taste of Life - supposedly some reviews of world famous restaurants

Tons of Recipes

CD Kitchen - Many other links to recipe sites.g a bookmark on.
Home Cooking - Recipes of all descriptions
FoodTv - If you like Emeril or other TV hosts
The Yum Yum Recipes - everyday recipes
Goldmine Recipes- Good site,lots of international fare.
The Recipe Source - everything is here
Salmon Recipes - For the fisherman
Walleye Recipes - Fisherman's favourites
Texas Cooking - Spice up your life.
The Tabasco Taste Tent - Really spicey cooking.