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Any Body for Burgoo?

The cartoon above is from the accomplished artistry of a good friend Clay Gratz, of Crystal River Fla.

What is more important in life than food?

Food feeds the body,the mind and the soul


Of course! calories are the down side.
Periodicly, we have to put aside our concerns for counting calories and just enjoy living.

I remember visiting Grandparents, one side, of English descent, with roast beef and yorkshire pudding and the other side from Virginia, with their hot biscuits, milk gravy and southern fried chicken.
I also remember as a youngster watching my mother, prepare a meal. She was a excellent cook and a wonderful teacher. I believe my wife got tired of hearing me say, "no one can cook like Mom" so she became equally as good a cook, learning many of those favorite recipes that graced our table.
We still visit relatives in Virginia and get to enjoy that southern cruisine prepared by cousins Mary and Ting.

Men sit at the table and eat in silence ,not always aware of the hard work endured by the wife in meal preparation.Perhaps, meal approval comes from the amount left on their plates, or how many helpings they indulge in. It doesnít hurt to compliment the cook on a job well done.

The Making of a Cook

I first became a expert in the kitchen when, I had too much time on my hands and started to make suggestions on how to make a few additions to the sauce pot and my wife said, "Cook it yourself". I tried to explain, "I was only making a suggestion, Dear".

Then came a couple of Fish Cookouts.
I had planned for weeks and worked at pulling together a few easy to prepare recipes.
The guys all gathered to tell tall tales , drink beer and eat the fish caught from the freezer or fresh that day from the cold lake waters. We had all kinds of sea food prepared by frying, boiling,barbecuing and stewing..
The cookout was a smashing success, it was followed by a bonfire, a few more beers and even taller tales of the fish that got away. I still get asked when we are going to have another fish fry but business commitments have kept me from fishing the last few years and there certainly hasnít been the time to get out the pots and pans.

The moral of this story.

I can cook but not with out the expertise of my wife. She is always available to ask those important questions that are basics to real cooks.
I enjoy good food, am not afraid to experiment and will keep burning water till I get it correct, therefore, I collect recipes of interest.

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