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Undine's Boulonnais Page
A great source for Boulonnais information! This link goes to the English translation: see also French and German
Evidence William the Conqueror MAY have ridden a Boulonnais at the Battle of Hastings

Le Cheval Boulonnais (in French)

Le Syndicat Hippique Boulonnais (in French)

International Museum of the Horse: Boulonnais

EquiWorld Horse and Pony Breeds: Boulonnais

EStable: Boulonnais

Boulonnais at Bad Honneff from Dressage Daily

Breed Endangerment Profile, School of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover (in English)

Two references to a "white Boulonnais horse" in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Chapter 2 and Chapter 5

NWBHC Equinealities, Boulonnais

Draft Dreams

Spanish-Norman Horse Registry

Baroque Horses in France

Traits de Génie (in English)

Les Haras Nationaux (in English)

Route du Poisson Race (official site: in French)

Union Nationale Interprofessionelle du Cheval (UNIC) (in English)

Heavy Horse Breeds

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