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Thin White Line (29k)
Rating: R for violence and disturbing themes
A case goes bad, way bad.

Faith Has A Place (21k)
1st person POV
"What do you fear, Agent Scully?"

Ignis Fatuus (129k)
3rd person POV
In the wake of what transpired in Oregon, someone sees his way clear to go after Scully.
Ignis Fatuus ; n. the light of combustion of marsh gas, any delusive ideal - pl. ignis-fatui [L ignis, fire, fatuus, foolish.]

a Work In Progress

Completed 19-07-2002!!

Just to prove that I was not just bullshitting you, I found something...for you to do with as you see fit...I for one will be watching with avid interest to see what you do with it.

Water Cooler Crowd (32k)
Vignette, 3rd person POV
Gossip can make or break a man.

Sea Changes (39k)
Post ep, Orison
Picks up where Orison left off.

Cascading (2k)

Healing (3k)
Spoilers for Milagro



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