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This is where we make our selections for the best things that happenned over the last week.
For the week of: December 5-11.

Player of the Week

This week's player of the week is Chris Webber. He has been carrying the Kings like crazy. On Dec. 6, he had 25 points and 14 rebounds vs. the Nets. On the 8th, 20 points 12 boards vs. the Lakers. On the 10th, 26 points and 10 boards vs. the Heat. On the 11th, 36 points and 12 points vs. the Blazers.

Honorable Mention: Michael Finley (33 pts, 14 boards, 10 assists on Dec. 11; 29 points on Dec. 5)

Team of the Week

This week's team of the week is the Portland TrailBlazers. The Blazers were 3-1 this week and have the best record in the NBA with a 17-5 overall record. They defeated the Phoenix, Minnesota, and Sacramento.

Honorable Mention: Miami (3-1 this week)

Picture of the Week

Marcus Camby

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Honorable Mention: Glen Rice

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