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The 1998-1999 Season.

The 1999-2000 Season:

December 8, 1999.
Highlights from the 103-91 win over the Lakers.

December 6, 1999.
Divac gives the no-look pass to Corliss.
402k avi
December 2, 1999.
Jason Williams throws the behind-the-head pass to Chris Webber, who throws it down hard, and gets the Technical Foul for hanging on the rim.
784k avi
November 14, 1999.
Highlights from the 126-116 win over Denver.
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November 12, 1999.
Highlights from the 105-92 win over Utah.
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November 6, 1999.
Highlights from the 114-101 loss to Minnesota.
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Chris Webber spins inside for the rim-rattling dunk.
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November 5, 1999.
Highlights from the 100-95 win over Minnesota.
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