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Toronto Internet Training 


This site is primarily intended to help people from the Toronto area who are new to computers and/or the Internet.  In order to use the Internet effectively you must gain some proficiency in the use of Windows. For this reason our Toronto Internet training includes some Windows items that we believe are necessary.

Before getting to the Internet Training Section of this site, we believe that some discussion concerning the following topics could prove helpful to new users. Those with no interest in these items, can if they choose, go directly to the Internet Training Section


We offer our Toronto Internet Training clients advice in all of the above areas. We found that a lot of people did not have sufficient experience to know which type of Computer to purchase. They also lacked pricing knowledge and were not able to properly access the costs quoted by the  various local Toronto suppliers.  In addition to these problems, there is the question of which Computer Software is best suited to their needs.

For those who have not purchased a computer yet, we offer assistance to obtain a complete Specification on the Computer  System we would suggest is best suited for their needs.  We can also provide a firm  quotation from one of our  own Toronto suppliers on the Computer System with the specific Specifications. This gives our clients the opportunity to compare prices and to make certain they are getting the "best" price on their Computer System.                                        

The client is under no obligation to purchase their Computer System from or through us. We are not in the business of supplying Computer Hardware,  however we have assisted a number of our Training clients in this area. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.       


Ok lets first of all talk about some specific Hardware

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