A Halloween Snippet

Copyright: Anna-Karin 2001

Author: Anna-Karin
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (Hessian/Ichabod)
Rating: PG-13 (They kiss once.)
The Hessian looked curiously at the strange yellow things that were lined up in a neat and tidy row in front of the Tree of the Dead. He watched as Ichabod Crane cut up the strange vegetables and scooped out the contents of those strange things.

"Ichabod Crane, what exactly are you doing?"

"I'm making Jack-o-lanterns."

"And what exactly is that?"

Ichabod decided to give the Hessian a quick course in American traditions, and began to explain. After a while the Hessian nodded.

"So you are making lanterns that will glow in the dark, with frightening smiles."


"What did you call those yellow things again?"


"Can I try?"

An hour later the Hessian proudly presented the fruits of his labour. Ichabod had never seen the Hessian covered from head to toe in yellow goo. This sight in combination with those sunny smiles on both the pumpkin *and* the Hessian sent Ichabod into a fit of laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"Just the pumpkin, I swear!" Ichabod said between spurts of laughter.

The Hessian didn't really believe that.

When all the pumpkins had been carved into grinning lanterns it was time to place them around the small clearing in front of the Tree. The Hessian placed a couple on the right side of the tree so it would appear as if they were peeking out from behind it. Ichabod placed one on each side of the entrance to the clearing. Then there were three more to place. The largest one The Hessian put in front of the Tree, with the smallest one next to it.

"Then there's this one", said Ichabod and pointed to the last one. "Where should it be?" he continued.

The Hessian looked around. He pointed to a spot to the left side of the Tree. "There, to the left."

When it got dark, which it did very soon after they were finished, they lit the candles inside the Jack-o-lanterns. Then they went to the edge of the clearing to see what it looked like.

Three grinning faces of unknown demons peeked out from behind the Tree. The heads of two other demons looked up from each side of the path leading to the clearing. And the two in front of the tree, smiled in menacing greetings.

"Looks great", said Ichabod.


They remained stood there for some time and admired the results their work.

"Well", said Ichabod, "time for you to take a bath."

He picked a strand of pumpkin insides from the Hessian's hair, and showed it to him.

"No", said the Hessian.


The Hessian bent town to pick up a handful of dirt from the ground. Then he rubbed it between his hands before he gently put a wide streak of dust on Ichabod's forehead and nose.

"Time for *us* to take a bath", said the Hessian, and smiled. "Happy Halloween, Ichabod!"

"Happy Halloween", said Ichabod and kissed the Hessian.