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Fiction by ZzoaozZ

In the Arms of the Dead

Nightmares drive Constable Ichabod Crane to revisit Sleepy Hollow and examine his most basic beliefs. He discovers the truth about himself and the real meaning of love from a most unexpected source, but that love brings danger to him and the Horseman.

In the Heart of Darkness
Stand alone sequal to In the Arms of the Dead
Ichabod and the Horseman must defend the Hollow and their new found relationship from forces within and without.

Seeing is Believing
Ichabod finds out that Brom survived the attack on the bridge and faces some rather unsettling feelings involving the handsome young man.

Brom's ghost has a favor to ask of Ichabod and it might just be the death of him. Ichabod must summon his courage and face the darkest hopes and fears inside of him.

Winter's kiss
A winter's idyll... a walk in the snow... a sound on the road... despair... hope... revelations... and a misty morning after.

Fiction by Anna-Karin

The Christmas Gift pt 1
The Christmas Gift pt 2
The Christmas Gift pt 3
A Christmas gathering leads to an unexpected meeting and an unexpected gift that will leave Ichabod forever changed.

Oleg's Saga
(Horseman/Original Character)
The history of the Hessian Horseman through the eyes of a very special young man.

Long Time, No See pt 1
Long Time, No See pt 2
The Hessian faces both the ghosts of the present and his own past, but he is no longer alone.

A Halloween Snippet
The Horseman learns about Halloween.

A Midsummer Plunge
A hot summer night gets a lot hotter when Ichabod gets a great idea for cooling off.

Fiction by Lox

Kiss Me, Please
Pure heat, love, pain, passion, need, and hunger...the beginning of Ichabod and the Hession's love.


Darkness and Fear
Nothing in Hell or on Earth can stop the dreams of a heart in love. Ichabod and the Hessian are drawn to each other in spite of all odds.

Fiction by Heather Sparrows

Wherever You Go
Ichabod tries to leave the Hollow, but the Hessian cannot let his only hope leave. He has a terrible task for Ichabodd to complete, but the reward is more than either one can imagine.

The Straight Story
(Ichabod/Original Character)(Katerina/Original Character)
Back home in New York, Katerina and Ichabod are forced to face some truths about themselves. Fortunately there are people who care enough about the pair to show them the way.

href=https://www.angelfire.com/ga2/highadventure/another.html>Another Time, Another Place
(Jacob "Ichabod"/Horseman)
The Hessian is forever, but human flesh is not. The Horseman goes on with life after the death of his beloved Ichabod, but fate has a funny way of bringing things around full circle. Even time cannot conquer the love in a human heart.

Fiction by JenniferBC

Dance Of The Damned
Brom Van brunt and the local boys of Sleepy Hollow play a cruel trick on the schoolmaster with deadly results and even more unexpected repercusions.

Fiction By Hannah 'Rainwoman' Orlove

Fall Away From The World(Ichabod/Horseman)
Prequal to Over the Ocean and Into the Woods
A truly heart-rending chapter from Ichabod's life with the Hessian. A visit to Katerina in the modern world leads to loss and pain and causes Ichabod retreat deep inside himself closing off everyone, even the Hessian.

Over The Ocean And Into The Woods
When a stranger steals the hessian away from Ichabod, the pair find themselves drawn into a world they never knew existed and a war between two groups of people fighting desperately for the right to live the way they believe is right.

A Day In The Life
Sequal to Over The Ocean And Into The Woods
Ichabod is away to check on the status of the Wild Children and the Hessian finds himself spending the day alone.

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