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pOems From Heart of Ashes

I stare at the picture, tucked beneath my bed
how was I to comprehend when they told me you were dead
I felt my whole world crumble the sky was coming down
I knew this day would come but my God why now

With everyday that fades away the pain keeps growing stronger
They told me it would pass with time so I stayed a little longer
but now I know it's not the truth the time won't let you go
'cause when they put you in the earth it burned me to the soul

How am I to let you go after everything we've shared
I know that I should be strong but I am oh so scared
even after all these years when all I've asked is why
everytime I think of you I just breakdown and cry

tired of all the lies; tired of all the pain
tired of being used, tired of playing games
tired of falling in love only to be hurt
tired of only wishing that I was in the dirt
tired of being happy only to be crushed
tired of having girls who it seems are just in lust
tired of all the hate that is growing in my soul
tired of all the ones who've made my heart turn cold
tired of lying in bed every night to cry
tired of all the dreams; true love is just a lie
tired of only hopeing that one day I'll have a wife
but now most of all, I'm sick and tired of life

feeling empty darkened slate torn apart inside
passion wavers empty souls no one to confide
empty promise forgotten love on an empty plate
day by day keeps going by can I ever have a clean slate
part of me torn away ancient spear through the heart
now's the time for empty love; it is the end how do I start

Heart of Ashes

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