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        We would like to Welcome you to Family & Friends. This is an extention of our hands in Friendship across the world. We are so glad you came for a visit and we hope you will stay awhile. Meet us and explore our sites.

        Family & Friends is a small group of about ten who have signed up to share our views and ideals. We have Ham Radio, Recipes, Poems, Foster Care, Clowns and much more.

        If you would like to join us , Please e-mail us your URL and tell us a little about your site. We will go and view it and we will write you back in a few days.

        We do have some rules. They are:

        No sites will be accepted with any signs of:
        Intolerance to race or religion
        Sexual orientation
        Any hatred towards people or animals
        No lewd or rude jokes, cartoons
        No Nudity
        No Porn
        No links to Porn/Nudity pages
        No Profanity

        Please send us your URL and we will check it out.
        If you do not have a homepage, just send us your e-mail and you can become one of our e-mail Friends.