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Chain Breaker

This Site is about:

Quit Smoking in 7 Days - Guaranteed!

  • Smoker's Support Program
  • Quit Safely, Naturally & Easily
  • No Drugs
  • No Artificial Products
  • No Chemicals!

I started a new company called, Chain Breaker.

I am seeking to change old lifestyles of defeat and bondage by exploring, learning and developing new attitudes, actions and choices through the power & guidance of the Holy Spirit, prayer, care, support and natural nutritional method, not only in my life but in the lives of others. Let me tell you about some major victories in MY LIFE

My First Victory
Was over 21 yrs ago, when I came to know that a power higher than myself could restore me to the sanity of sobriety. I am a recovering alcoholic.

My Second Victory

Was May 1998, when I quit smoking thru the help of the Spirit and the product listed below:

Today's Challenge

Attn: Smokers if you could quit smoking WITHOUT any withdrawals, anger, ill-temper or nervousness and feel good while you were doing it and spend only a reasonable amount for the product, WOULD YOU QUIT? Sound impossible?

Well here's my story:
I quit smoking in May 1998. My husband picked up a "Smoke Away" brochure in our chiropractor's office. He started on "Smoke Away" and seemed fine. At the time I was still smoking and we had other smokers living in our home, so this made it very difficult for him. He failed. However, his attitude was great. He said he wanted to try again, and in a weak moment, I told him I would too. My ulterior motive was that if I tried and failed, I would get my money back and he would leave me alone.  I placed an order and by the 3rd day, I knew I would never smoke again. I had no cravings, no anger or ill-temper, no nervousness. This is from a person who was smoking 3 packs of Basic Light 100's every day. Sometimes, if I was home and just sitting around, I smoked even more. I coughed alot and my house smelled terrible. (Of course, I didn't know this until I quit)   There were a few tips that I will pass along later, but keep reading 'cause it's worth it. IT'S TRUE! If you start the all natural, 4-formula Smoke Away smoker's support program today by this time next week, you could be a non-smoker for good! GUARANTEED! Forget about the expensive patches that FILL your body with nicotine. The complete Smoke-Away products help get you through the craving to smoke. Now you can FEEL GOOD while you Quit Smoking! Need more info?

Send E-mail  Send e-mail for more information.

VISA or MC accepted
No Risk, Money Back Guarantee!

Call and order your Smoke-Away

Here's how:
To Order By Phone Call Toll Free
Call 1-800-611-5930
Ext. R 021231

Or order by mail:
Send your name,address, city, state, zip, and phone number, along with your check
Along with your check for $49.95
plus $7.00 shipping and handling for each kit ordered.

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


For RUSH orders to be delivered in 3-4 business days
send an additonal $5.00 for a total of $61.95.
Mail to:
Behavioral Reserach Center
Dept. R021231
P.O. Box 413019
Naples, Florida 34101-3019

IT'S REALLY TRUE... WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE..except a bad unhealthy habit?! You spend more than that on 2 cartons of cigarettes.

After you have ordered the product, please send me an email, I would like to hear from you and I would like to send you some helpful tips that will give you complete victory.

* * * * * Now to OVERCOME MY NEXT HURDLE....
It's now, September 1999, and it's time to break the chains over the other bad habits in my life. That's why I formed this company. To help myself and ultimately help others with good physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health.

My final MAJOR FRONTIER is OBESITY......... stay tuned

I've discovered another helpful product that I believe will help me. After I start to lose my mega-tons, I'll pass on this info to you too.

Here's my "before-picture", made September 17, 1999, so I still look like this. But just you wait....

This is Me....Just check back for Updates....

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