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Some of my Bluegrass Photos

Acoustic Cafe September 1999

I had to good fortune to see and hear Mike Cosgrove and Cody Kilby last month at the Acoustic Cafe in Alabama. Mike and Cody are two recent National Flatpicking Champions. Cody is just 19yrs old and has been playing music less time than I've had stings on some of my instruments. LOL. Way, way talented guys. Mike's on the left, Cody on the right. (Also, that's Mike Stangeland on his groovy new mando, and, with his back to us, Bo from Huntsville. Fine pickers both, and I was very happy to meet them.)

Leslie Bunn

For some reason whenever Leslie is with us, young men suddenly acquire a taste for bluegrass. Yes, she's easy to look at AND she delivers great, great vocals - she's an essential part of the Taylor Ridge sound. A few times in practice, she and Tim have hit some harmonies that threatened to carry me right up off the floor. We're gonna be losing Leslie to college this fall. She say's she'll come home and sing with us on weekends. HOPE SO!

3/5 of Taylor Ridge Pickin' in the John!

Space is limited backstage at the Ringgold Opry, and the noise is incredible. The only place you can find a little peace and quiet to warm up is in the bathroom! So, any port in a storm I guess. This is Tim Painter on the bass, Larry Bunn on flattop, and Randy Davis on banjo. That's me in the mirror taking the pic...