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If you belong to the growing number of us who can't stand our jobs, then this site is for you. Prepare to actually ENJOY going into work everyday! I have searched high and low for entertaining and (more importantly) time consuming websites which will fill those nasty 40 hours a week that have previously been devoid of laughter and games. Look for updates soon!


The History of Michael Jackson's Face
From black man to white woman! All the changes to MJ's face should keep you busy for at least 20 minutes. Hilarious commentary!
Red Meat!
Bug Eyed Earl is my hero! Ok, that's a sick admission, but if you're twisted, you'll love him!
The Internet Movie Database
With 325,000 titles, 1 million people and facts, trivia and reviews, you can stay busy at this site for as long as you'd like.
State Dept. Travel Warnings
Before you make travel plans, check this site to see if crazed machete wielding rebels will be your tour guides
Language Translator
"Gee, your parachute pants would look so much more attractive on my bedroom floor" sounds SO much better in French. Add new life to pick-up lines with this language translator
If you can stand traveling with the drunken masses, Funjet is a great place to find cheap flights to fun places
The Daily Joke
How about starting off your day with a laugh that's NOT at your expense!
Start planning your move to your company's Oahu branch, daydream about better digs or start researching properties for your next career as a slumlord. This site is free and covers the US, Virgin Islands and Canada.
A terrific engine to use for all of those useless daytime searches


Psycho Ex-Girlfriend
There is some speculation that these answering machine messages aren't authentic, but I prefer to think that they are. Save this site for a day when the boss is away and you can turn your speakers on. If nothing else, this site will make you realize that your ex'es weren't really all that nuts!
Games, games and more games! Tile, card, strategy, game shows, bingo and so many more! Don't bother downloading anything, you'll only get a demo. I have found with some of the games that you can play offline as long as you use IE and keep the window open (or minimized).
If you need a daily dose of strange and unusual websites, Memepool's your place. Check out the archives for days of creepy fun!
Frightening Baby Names Message Board
If your name is Wicker Hamster Johnson you might want to skip this one. If your parents named you Jane, thank them. The comments on the names are hilarious!
Brad the Game
Can't control the events in your own life? Don't worry! You can make Brad's life and death decisions for him. The longer he lives, the more points you earn.
The Stalker Website
Not what you may think... This site has some handy sources for finding out information on others and yourself
The Dick List
Have an @$$ for an ex? Add him to the list!
Bizarre, funny and time intensive quizzes to get to the core of your psyche - and waste time.
Dante's Inferno Test
You probably ARE going to hell but maybe it won't be as bad as you think.
Stick Figure Death Theater
If you enjoy watching stick figures meet their maker in strange and unusual ways, this is the place for you!
If She Doesn't Want to Sleep with You...
Then read Joelogon's guide to learn how to make her your platonic friend.
YOU Can Stop Alien Abductions!
Put on your tinfoil hat and save your family from druids, death signals, vampires, masons, oh and the Marines.
Internet Hoaxes & Urban Legends
One of my least favorite things is finding my mailbox rammed full of forwards about Proctor & Gamble satanists or free clothes offers from Gap. Before you believe or FORWARD any of these messages, check this site for an updated list of Internet hoaxes and urban legends (includes virus information)
A great place to start your search for just about anything


Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi
Whee-dogie! Very funny site with pictures and descriptions of why some "homes" are "better" than others
Mobile Homes of Missouri
If you liked what you saw in Mississippi, check out Missouri!
Why Rednecks Suck
I think I'm in love with Jason. Hopefully no rednecks will try to kill him by putting Calvin peeing stickers over his mouth and nose
Waffle House Jukebox
Save your quarters! All of your late night favorites and mine ("Special Lady" is HERE!)
Landover Baptist Church
One of my all-time favorite sites, it's a holy roller's HELL! Join the LBC newsletter and see the error of your ways!
Police Scanner
Check out what's going on at the trailer park down the street or in New York City with live police scanner action! When the boss is away, be sure to play the 911 calls!
Everything I need to know I've learned from Iron Maiden
Take THAT! Mr. Bradley. Love, Ricky

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