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This Anderson & associated families research has taken us from Big Creek, Forsyth County, Georgia to the Darlington County, S.C to Cumberland County,NC back to Albamarle County, Va to England and many other locations. It has been very frustrating at times but highly rewarding and will be ongoing. I have had help from many individuals. Many will go unnamed but I hope they know who they are. Much of the input came from my sister, Jane Corley and my son, David Anderson. My thanks and appreciation go with them. Others were Maggie Anderson, Donna Parish, Brenda Webb and the list goes on. My inspiration has always been my wife and best friend, Sheila.
This page is dedicated to my Anderson Ancestors some of which can be seen HERE

Richard Anderson born 1585. died aft 1635. He married Elizabeth Hawkins December 20, 1611 in London, England. Elizabeth Hawkins born 21 Mar. 1583/1584 in all Honey's Lane. London, Eng. She was the daughter of William Hawkins.

Richard & Elizabeth above had Richard Anderson born 1618 in London England. He died aft 1662 in Gloucester Co, Va. Richard had other siblings.Richard" wife' name was unknown.

Richard & unknown wife had Robert Anderson Sr. Robert was born in 1634 in York Co. Va. He died 1716 in New Kent County, Va. He married Cecelia Massie ca 1661.Cecelia Massie born ca 1646 in Va. She was the daughter of Peter Massie and Penelope Ashley-Cooper.

Robert Anderson Sr & Cecelia Massie above had Robert Anderson Jr. in 1663 in New Kent, Va. He married Mary Overton bef 1702. Mary Overton born June 8th, 1673 in England. She died aft 1744 in Hanover Co. Va. Mary was the daughter of William Overton & Elizabeth Waters.

Robert Anderson & Mary Overton had David Anderson. David Anderson born aft 1715 in Hanover Co. Va. David died 1791 in Albemarle Co. David married Elizabeth Mills ca 1735.Elizabeth born 1722/1723 anc died in1804 in Albemarle Co. Va. She was daughter of Nicholas Mills & Ann Clopton.

David Anderson & Elizabeth Mills had Richard Anderson on 15 June 1747 in Albemarle Co. Va. He died 14 Feb 1793 in Louisa Co. Va. He married (first) Ann Meriwether Apr 5th, 1769. She was born 1 May 1750 in Louisa Co. Va. She died 5 Aug 1782. Richard married (2nd) Milly Thompson bef 1785. Milly was born 11 Apr 1755 and died Aug 22 1828. Richard Anderson and Milly had John Wallace Anderson. on 5 Nov 1802 at Prince George Paarish, Montgomery, Md.

Other children of David and Elizabeth are (1)William Anderson, born Feb 1739/40 in Hanover Co., Va. He died July 20, 1793 in England. He married Mary Gist.,(2)Nathaniel Anderson born Sept 1742 in Hanover Co.,Va. and died Jan 6, 1812 in Albemarle Co. Va., married Elizabeth Carr Aug 10, 1767. Elizabeth was born 1747 and died Apr 2nd, 1779. 2nd, Nathaniel married Sara Jones ca 1795.,(3)Cecelia Anderson, born Aug 1744 in Hanover Co., Va. and died bef 1789.,(4) David Overton Anderson, born Sept 1745 in Hanover Co., Va. and died ca 1795 in Louisa Co. Va., married Amediah Binns., (5) Matthew Anderson born May 1749,died 1833 in Louisa Co. Va., married Elizabeth Anderson May 3, 1772 in Louisa Co. Va.,(6) Ann Anderson born Jan 1749/50 in hanover Co, Va.died Mar 27, 1831 in Woodlawn, Orange Co, Va., married 1st Dabney Minor, Married 2nd ? Jacobs. (6) Elizabeth Anderson born July 31, 1753, died Jan 27, 1773, Married Lewis Barret. (7) Thomas Anderson born Feb 1755, died 1800 in Buckingham Co. Va.,married 1st Doily Couch, married 2nd Sarah Howard Jan 28, 1775, died ca 1890 in Buckingham Co., Va.,(8) Mary Anderson, born Oct 1756 in Albemarle Co.,,Va. died bef 1789.(8) Sarah Anderson born July 1758, died 1807,Married 1st ? Barret, Married 2nd Christopher Hudson, Mar 19, 1783, he was born in 1758 and died in 1825. (9) Francis Anderson, born Oct 1760 in Albemarle Co. Va.(10) Edmund Anderson born April 2nd,1763 in Albemarle Co. Va., died April 19th 1810 in Albemarle Co. Va. Married Jane Meriwether Lewis May 18, 1785 in Albemarle Co.Va. She was born in Mar 31, 1770 and died in March, 15, 1845.(11) Samuel Anderson, born April 13, 1765 in Hanover Co. Va. He married Elizabeth Price Sept12, 1789. Elizabeth was born Dec 22, 1770 in Hanover Co, Va. and (12) lastly ? Anderson born Jan 1773.

John Wallace Anderson married Elizabeth Lewis in 1817 in S.C.

John & Elizabeth had child, James A. 1819 in S.C. James A. Anderson migrated to Ga. and has found Calindar G.James prior to 1838.probably in North Ga. James & Calinder were married in 1838 in forsyth Co. Ga. where they live until 1892 when James dies. We have no knowledge of when Calinder dies or where either of them are buried. However one of their daughters, Mary C. Anderson King was buried in the James Family Cemetary on Union Road near Alpharetta, Ga This ties Calinder James to this family of James"however since this would have been the only reason for her to have been buried there.

Other children of John Wallace Anderson & Elizabeth Lewis are Harriett Anderson born 12 Oct 1819 in Ga., Martha Anderson born 20 Mar 1821 in Ga., died in 1872, John F. Anderson born l Nov 1822 in Ga., died in 13 Jan 1864, William C. Anderson, born 14 Sep 1824 in Ga., David C. Anderson, born 13 Mar 1827 in Ga, died in 11 Nov 1899., Moses Anderson born 23 Nov 1829 in Ga., Edmund Anderson born 30 Oct 1831 in Ga.& Josiah Eldridge Anderson

James & Calinder had the following children: Cary Anderson b Nov 4, 1839 Forsyth co, Ga,d. 13 Sep 1901, buried Big Springs Methodist Cemetary, Cherokee County, Ga.-M. Susan Juliann Braswell Dec 6th 1860,Jerimimah(Jemana)(female) Anderson b. 1842 Forsyth co, Ga.,Mary C. Anderson b. Aug 11th 1844 Forsyth co, Ga.-d. Jan 18, 1899 in James Family Cemetery, Forsyth county, Ga.-M. Greenberry King Aug 11th 1861 in Forsyth county, Ga.,Martha E. Anderson b 1848 Forsyth co, Ga.,William Albert Anderson b. 12 Dec 1850 Forsyth Co, Ga,d. 30 Jan 1937,buried Cross Plains Baptist Church, Forsyth co, Ga.,M. Carolina Allen in 1875,Nancy C. Jamima b. 1853 Forsyth co, Ga.-M. Henry Anglin Fe 22, 1874,Parenthia Jane Anderson B. Dec 23rd 1857-d. Nov 20th 1940-M. Henry T. Bagley Sept 21, 1873 Forsyth co, Ga.,John J. Anderson, b. 1860 Forsyth co, Ga.-M.Julie E. Gilbert Jan 29th 1880, Thomas J. Anderson b. 1860 Forsyth co, Ga.-M. Leonah(leah)Bagwell, Lordy(Lovely) Anderson b. 1867 Forsyth co, Ga.,and Harriett Anderson.

William Albert Anderson and Caroline Allen had the following children:Victoria Anderson b. 25 Jan 1875 Forsyth co, Ga,D. 3 Apr 1947,M. David William DeVore on 4 Mar 1891,Delar Anderson B. 22 Sep 1877 Forsyth co, Ga,d.5 Oct 1957,M. W. Henry Holmes in 1892,Edgar D. Anderson b. 20 Jul 1880 Forsyth co, Ga,d.2 Apr 1963, M. Ella Edwards, James Albert Anderson b. 4 Jul 1882 Forsyth co, Ga.,m. Eula Elizabeth Brown on 1900, Jasper Franklin Anderson b. 31 Jul 1887 Forsyth co, Ga.,d.13 Apr 1976,M.Minnie Lumpson on 12 Nov 1912,John Howard Anderson b. 24 Nov 1891 Forsyth co, Ga.,d. 1 Jul 1958,m. Mae Bagley, Nubia J. Anderson b. 27 Jul 1893 Forsyth co.,Ga.,d. 6 Dec 1969,M. Gladys Jackson,Bunia Vista Anderson b. 14 May 1897 Forsyth co,Ga.,M.Nubia Thomas Bagwell on 25 Aug 1915 and Clarence Chester Anderson b. 20 Dec 1900 Forsyth co, Ga., M. Essie Maudine Bagley 25 Dec 1929.

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