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This page is dedicated to my Allen ancestors, some of which can be seen HERE

This family start's off being spelled Allin, not Allen.

Richard Allin Sr. born ca 1613 in England, died in New Kent Co.,Va. He married Joan who was born Ca 1615 in England.

Richard Allin Sr. & Joan had Richard Allin Jr. who was born ca 1654 in Northampton Co., Va. and died in 1725 in Hanover, Va. He married Elizabeth Walker Ca 1692. Elizabeth Walker born ca 1654 at St Peters Parish New Kent, Va. and died aft 1727 in St Peters Parish, New Kent, Va.

Richard Allin Jr. & Elizabeth had Robert Allen(note change in spelling of name). Robert Allen Sr. born ca 1675 in New Kent Co., Va. and died 4 Oct 1755 in Va. He married Sarah Walker. Sarah born 1675 in New Kent, Va. and died aft 1758.

Robert Allen Sr.& Sarah Walker had Robert Allen Jr. Robert Allen Jr. born 1703 in St Peter's Parish in New Kent, Va. and died Mar 1784 in Caswell Co., N.C. He married Elizabeth Stokes. Elizabeth born ca 1702 in Va.

Robert Allen Jr. & Elizabeth Stokes had William Allen. William Allen born1725 in New Kent Co., Va. anddied 8 Apr 1789 in St James Parish, Mecklenburg Co., Va. He married Mary Lewis. Mary born 1725 in Campbell co., Va. and died ca 1778 in Meclenburg co., Va.

William Allen & Mary Lewis had Gray Wyatt Allen Sr. Gray Wyatt Allen Sr. born ca 1751 in Va. and died ca 1805 in Anson co., N.C. He married Mary (molly) Nance on 16 Dec 1791 in Mecklenburg co., Va. Mary born ca 1775 in Mecklenburg co., Va.

Gray Wyatt Allen Sr. & Mary Nance had Wyatt Nance Allen(my ancestor) Wyatt Nance Allen was born 26 Mar 1791/1795.(Wyatt Nance Allen's siblings are Elizabeth (Betsy) Allen born Jan 31 1793, Sally Nance Allen born Apr 26 1798, Gray Wyatt Allen Jr. born Mar 15 1801, Polly Ann Allen born Mar 16 1804 & Louisa Allen born 1806). Wyatt Nance Allen born 1791/1795 in Va. He married Charlotte ? who was born in N.C. ca 1805. He may have had another wife, Sarah or Sarah and Charlotte may be same woman. I believe Wyatt was in Franklin Co Ga ca 1824/1826. He is found in Forsyth Co.,Ga 1850-1870.(For more on Wyatt Allen go to: ) He had one known son,William A. Allen. he probably had a daughter, Elizabeth born 1840, Ga. and another son John born 1842 Ga. He may have had numerous other children.

William A. Allen was born 25 Mar 1825 probably in Franklin Co, Ga. He died 15 Feb 1911 in Forsyth Co Ga, buried at Cross Plains Baptist Church, Forsyth Co Ga. He first married 2 Mar 1854 to Agnes Bagley. Agnes was born 15 Aug 1838 and died 24 Dec 1872 buried Bagley cemetary/Piney Grove, Forsyth co,Ga.(William A. Allen served in Co. G, 56th Regiment Vol, Taylor's Brigade. In 1863 he was engaged in battle during the seige of Vicksburg and wounded in his face by an exploding shell. He was blinded in the left eye).

William A. Allen & Agnes Bagley had the following children: (1)Dr. Jasper N. Allen, born 1856, Forsyth co,Ga,married M. Emor Lindsey 16 Sep 1877,(2) Susanne Caroline Allen born 15 Aug 1858,in Forsyth Co,Ga.,died 1 Oct 1944, married William Albert Anderson,(3) Jackson VanBuren Allen born 2 Jul 1861 in Forsyth Co,Ga,died 28 Nov 1931,married Nancy Aurelia Gordon Purcell,(They had a child, Eula who married a Mr Wasson)(4) John Allen, born 1865/1866 in Forsyth Co,Ga.married to Fannie Byrd or Mary Waites,(5) James Allen born 1869 Forsyth Co, Ga,married Emma Gilbert,(6) Joseph Allen born 1871 Forsyth Co Ga,married Lillie Purcell,(7) Durham Allen (no known info on him).

William A. Allen then married (2) Elizabeth A. Trammell 31 Aug 1873 in Milton Co,Ga.(Elizabeth b.Feb 1845-d.19ll William A. Allen & Eliza A. Trammell then had the following children:(1) Lunia Allen born 2 Apr 1876 buried at Cross Plains Baptist Church, Forsyth Co,Ga.,married Robert N. Coats,(2) William M. Allen born Sept 1879, married to Hattie Ellen McWhorter,(Hattie's parents Allen Dean McWhorter born 5 Jun 1844 S.C, died 6 Jul 1923 and Nancy E. Jenkins)(3) Charles D. Allen born 15 Jan 1881,died 25 Oct 1946, married to Ollie A. Glover.


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