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in Alamo Ga.

Is it the tree and light or is it a miracle ??????

Picture taken FEB/2000

Picture taken FEB/2000

IMAGE appears on house
in Alamo Ga.

Hundreds visit home at Rt 2, Alamo, where image suddenly appeared Saturday night, Jan.22, 2000. Some says it is a bigger than life imagery of a man's face on the side of the house. The face is huge, covering an estimated 15 feet or more width of the entire area between two windows above the carport and down to the top of the carport in height.

The man's eyes are closed, he has a dark moustache, and the lips below are shaded in with distinct lines. the hair is dark also and there is a dark streak coming down across the cheek from the eye facing the observer. The face can be seen only at night, a security light providing the only light.

An immediate reaction from many who see it is that it is that the face bears a striking resemblance to Christ, or at least the modern depiction of Jesus. Others say that it resembles different famous faces from history. Some views see two faces, superimposed, or one besides the other.

Nobody sees the face as any kind of trick. It's so obvious that there is nothing to create it except a plain light, some limbs, and hundreds of chinaberries. "I know it's made by the light and the tree," said one observer, "but God made it be in just the right shape."

Whose face is it? What does it mean? Probably thousands of answers will be offered as long as the face is apparent.

Lots of questions fill the thoughts of the crowds. But one fact remains. The face on the wall is real.

*This information was taken from
Pictures donated by Carolyb Jordan of the News & Business Weekly.

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    PLEASE NOTE: Later when the leaves begain to appear on theChinaberry tree in the spring the image disappeared. Does this have some meaning or is it a miracle ??