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Alamo and Wheeler Co.

    Alamo Fire Department (912)568-7153

    Alamo Police Department (912)568-7153

    Sheriff Department (912)568-7107

    Wheeler CO. Hospital (912)523-5113

    County Commissioner (912)568-7135

    Clerk of Court (912)568-7137

    Probate Court (912)568-7133

    Tax Commissioner (912)568-7131

    School Superintendent (912)568-7198

    ASCS Office (912)568-7411

    County Agent (912)568-7138

    DEFACS (912)568-7127

    Forestry Unit (912)568-7213

    Health Office (912)568-7161

    High School (912)568-7166

    Elementary School (912)568-7159

    Jail (912)568-7151

    Library (912)568-7321

    Cooperative Ext. (912)568-7138

    Wheeler Co. Farm Bureau (912)568-7516

    EMC (Alamo) (912)568-7171

    Alamo Pharmacy (912)568-7414

    Wheeler CO. Bank (912)568-7191

    US Postal Service (912)568-7211

    Tax Assessor (912)568-7924

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