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  1. Useful genealogical content - The site should help researchers! Content is the most critical criterion.
  2. Attractive presentation - Pretty, clever, colorful or surprising pages. Although content is most important, winning Web sites must be presented in such an appealing way that Web surfers will be attracted to the excellent content.
  3. Attention to detail - After all, we're genealogists! While anyone can make a typo, there certainly must be content accuracy.
  4. Useful links to relevant resources - Helping us find other good resources. Winning pages are likely to be bookmarked by Web utilizing genealogists as good starting points in research projects.
  5. Interesting graphics and/or photos (But... if they take too long to load, they'd better be worth the time!)
  6. An organization of the web site which facilitates the researcher finding what he/she is looking for. This can be accomplished in many ways, but the web surfer shouldn't get lost on the site.
  7. Tasteful and nonoffensive web site content. Prejudicial, violent and/or adult-only content will make a page ineligible, because genealogical information should be available to anyone with an interest.

    Award Protocol and Agreements

  1. Send an e-mail to to submit a nomination. Put "Nomination" in the subject line. Be sure to include the Web page address!
  2. Anyone may submit nominations for his/her own web page(s) or for other peoples' page(s).
  3. Pages we select as winners may display the award that I will send by email attachement provided that banner display includes a link to my web page at Adams Family of Georgia
  4. No one may display my award banner unless I have selected his or her web pages as winning sites. My winners have worked very hard and have earned acknowledgement, so misuse of this award will not be tolerated.
  5. I am not responsible for the content of pages that receive my award -- simply because people may change their web sites after receiving my award.
  6. Nevertheless, winning sites have responsibility and should notify me (and remove my award banner) if the content of their web site is changed to something which no longer meets the criteria specified above.
  7. Winning sites are also expected to notify me when their URL changes so that the links on this page remain valid for our visitors. THANKS!!!