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In Perfect Harmony

Dedicated to

Heather and Russell...Rachel and Brian...Denine and Dani...Amber and Brian...Kristie and Trey...Kimberly and Richard...Lori and Paul

Now you have exchanged solemn vows before God
And made a sacred promise to one another
To love, honor, and cherish
And to share the years ahead.
You have been joined together,
But you are still individuals.
Stay very close
But allow each other room to breathe.
You have made a committment for the long road,
Now you must learn to be good traveling companions.
Walk with dignity, and walk with God.
Stand shoulder to shoulder,
And take strength from your togetherness.
Walk hand in hand,
And take pride in your closeness.
Be open and be honest
But respect each other's privacy.
Be caring and attentive.
But respect each other's space.
Never forget that you belong together.
As part of God's natural law,
Just as the waves belong on the ocean
And the stars in the sky.

As you grow together,
Let not your love be suffocating, but inspiring
Recognizing that each of you has your own special gifts and talents
And remember the sweetest music two voices can make
Is not when they sing the same melody
But rather when two different refrains
Come together in close and perfect harmony.

by Phil Coulter