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Wesley F. Wagnon

Private Wesley F Wagnon
Company A, Infantry Battalion

Wesley F Wagnon was born to Thomas Poythress Wagnon Jr and Harriet Crutchfield Houghton Wagnon in 1842. Although he never appeared on a Phillips Legion muster roll we know that he was killed at either the Wilderness or Spotsylvania while serving in the Legion's Co A with his younger brother Eugenius. He appears on a casualty list for the Legion published in the July 2nd 1864 Richmond Enquirer as being killed in action between May 6th and May 16th 1864. In addition the following newspaper tribute to Wesley appeared in the July 13th 1864 Augusta Daily Chronicle and Sentinel............

"Wesley F Wagnon, Company A, Phillips Georgia Legion, died nobly defending his country's cause in one of the battles in Virginia. The writer knew the deceased well, long before the war, and then observed in him, all the requirements -- bravery, love of adventure, etc -- essential to making the valiant soldier. At the first call of his country, he joined the Sixth Alabama Regiment, with which he remained united until he was wounded at the battle of Seven Pines. After this he joined the cavalry, but desiring to be with his brother he subsequently joined the Greene Rifles, Capt Jno C Fuller, in which he was killed. He died at his post of duty, which fact should console his widowed mother, relations and family. Better thus than otherwise to have lived, tormented by the upbraidings of conscience proceeding from dereliction of duty to his wronged and oppressed country. His lonely and distant grave contains what is mortal of a brave soldier."

Photo courtesy of Mr J C Wagnon of Louisiana

Written by:Kurt Graham