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Private William Madison "Dock" Trippe
Company C, Cavalry Battalion

Twenty one year old William M Trippe enlisted as a private in Company C (The Cherokee Dragoons) of the 4th Georgia State Brigade's Cavalry Battalion at Camp McDonald, Georgia June 22nd, 1861. This battalion would become part of the Phillips Legion in early August 1861. His compiled service record is sketchy (as are many for troopers of the Cavalry Battalion). The family provides the information that this image was made at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Ann Davis while on furlough August 27th, 1863. His records do indicate that he was absent on several occasions "on horse detail". Confederate cavalrymen were responsible for providing their own mounts, so if they lost one to disease or wounds, they were placed on "horse detail" to procure a replacement animal. His records indicate that he was present at the surrender of the remnant of the Legion Cavalry Battalion at Greensboro, NC April 26, 1865. He applied for a veterans pension on October 4th, 1919 so we know that he lived to be at least 80 years of age.

Photo courtesy of Dr Robert E Davis of Rockmart, Ga.

Phillip's Legion