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George E. Lavender - Cavalry Company D&F

George E. Lavender was born in Henry County, Georgia November 3rd, 1837. He enlisted on February 27th, 1862 in Company D of the Legion's Cavalry Battalion at Newnan, Coweta County. He was enlisted by a Lieutenant Pearce. For some unknown reason he soon transferred into Company F of the same Battalion. The compiled sservice records for the Cavalry Battalion appear to be missing all the 1862 muster rolls and many of the 1863 rolls. George is shown as "present" in Company F on the 2/28/63 roll. The November/December 63 roll shows him as "present" with the notation "mounted 12/9/63" indicating that he had lost his horse and had been on horse detail to obtain a new one. The January/February 1864 roll shows him as "absent at infirmary camp since 2/23/64" so he must have experienced some minor illness at this time. Several rolls covering the period from March 1864 to October of 1864 show him as "present", but hospital records from Richmond's Jackson hospital indicate that he was admitted on June 8th, 1864 suffering from dysentry and then returned tio duty June 25th, 1864. He ended the war in April of 1865 in Hillsboro, North Carolina. The records show that he was one of the men of the Battalion paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina on May 1st,1865. He returned from the war to Goergia and on Feb. 21st,1878 he married a Miss Lethia Reed. He settled into farming in the town of Weaver in Pike County. He and his wife had one son. George Lavender passed away on December 3rd, 1924 at the age of 87. We believe that he is buried there.

Compiled by Kurt Graham

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