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Enoch R Edwards, Company M

Enoch R Edwards
Phillips Legion Infantry, Company M

Enoch R Edwards was born in Spartanburg, SC August 23, 1829. He had relocated to Cobb County in 1858 and on April 28th 1862, 32 year old Enoch enlisted in newly formed Infantry Co M at Marietta, Ga. After training on the South Carolina coast the Legion was moved north to Richmond, Va. in July 1862. The unit was then involved in actions at Second Manassas, August 30th, 1862, Fox's Gap (on South Mountain), September 14th 1862 and at Sharpsburg, Md., September 17th 1862. Edwards service record indicates he was present in these bloodbaths and came through unscathed. He was next in action at the battle of Fredericksburg, Va. on December 13th 1862. Shortly thereafter he was admitted to Richmond GH #17 and the December 1862 roll shows him "absent sick in hospital". Records show him still hospitalized as of January 20th 1863 but he is back with his unit on the February roll. The next surviving roll is for September/October 1863 and Enoch is now shown as a 3rd Sergeant indicating he was promoted since February. The records also imply that he was in action at Chancellorsville on May 3rd 1863, at Gettysburg in July 1863 and around Chattanooga in September 1863.

Then, the next surviving roll (for March/April 1864 but dated October 4th 1864) indicates him as AWOL as of October 1st 1864. The roll for May/June 1864 (dated December 13th 1864) has an odd entry noting that he resigned as Sgt October 1, 1864. The roll for July/August 1864 (dated January 30th 1865) carries the notation "stoppage (referring to pay) account of ordinance dept - resigned position 10/1/64". These entries lead me to believe that he may have been an Ordinance Sgt responsible for keeping the troops supplied with ammunition and weapons. One can only guess what the trouble was that caused him to resign and return to being a private. These early 1864 rolls do also imply that he would have been present during the grinding Overland Campaign that saw ferocious battles at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor.

He served throughout the rest of the war, being captured with most of the Legion Infantry at Sailors Creek, Va. April 6th 1865. He was then imprisoned at Newport News until taking the Oath of Allegiance and being released June 25th 1865. His Oath contains a physical description which shows him to have been 5 foot 10 inches tall with blue eyes and dark hair.

His 1899 pension application to the State of Georgia contains a doctor's statement that his poor health is due to "old wounds". Enoch himself states that "a cavalryman's horse ran over me on the retreat and knocked my shoulder out of place and hirt (sic) me in my side." Enoch lived until April 11th 1913 dying at the age of 83.

Thanks to Mr Richard Schindall for Sgt Edwards photo

Written by:Kurt Graham