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Instruction Booklet

-Swiss Government TV-
"Planet Earth is in a state of emergency! Cities all over the world are sinking into the ocean!"

"Even as I speak, my own city is sinking. The water is already up to my knees! I am sacrificing myself for this broadcast. Earth Defense Army has announced that the Neptunians, an underwater race of alien beings, have invaded Earth and are melting the polar ice caps. They are living under the sea and using humans for food!"

Six months ago at the Bankoran Palace on Neptune, the rulers of the planet recognized that their world was dying. It was being turned into desert by falling meteorites. Man-ham livestock, which the Neptunians used for food, was being destroyed. To escape this terrible fate, the Neptunians were forced to move their entire civilization into the sea. They knew they'd be temporarily safe in the sea but would eventually die of starvation.

The Neptunian government therefore decided that the only way to save their people was to invade Earth (where there was plenty of man-ham). They constructed special space ships with giant water tanks for them to live in during the trip, but only the highest government officials and the beautiful Miss Neptune were able to escape before the planet was totally annihilated.

About the time the Neptunians landed on Earth, a pirate named Narikeen was mining gold under the oceans of the world using his submarine SQOON. He was a dastardly pirate and committed all kinds of crimes. When his SQOON was full of gold, he would go into port and trade his gold for grog. But this time, when he tried to go into port, he discovered that it had disappeared. In fact, all the land was gone!

Just then a message came in over his radio: "MAYDAY-MAYDAY-Narikeen come in please.-This is the General of the Earth Defense Army-"

The Neptunians are melting the polar ice caps using hot water produced by their bio-factories and all the continents are sinking. The underwater factories are also manufacturing additional warriors to help them capture the Earth. Narikeen Help us!

Narikeen responded to the General's plea by saying "Are you asking ME to help? I am the evil pirate Narikeen! If I help others, my reputation will be ruined! I won't be able to show my face in public again."

"Narikeen, don't say that. Thousands of people are captured in the Neptunians undersea domes. Are you going to allow humans to become Neptunian food?" the General asked.

"Ha ha ha ha! That's what you get for eating so much fish, General! You're not as smart as you thought you were!" said Narikeen.

"Narikeen, please, we need you! The Pentagon has been destroyed by tsunamis and our entire Earth Defense Army is almost completely gone. You are the only one left who can save Earth. If you kill all the Neptunians you will be a hero."

"Really, General?" replied Narikeen. "Well, if even I can become a hero, I'll destroy the Neptunians for the good of the human race. However, SQOON, my submarine, can only carry nine people at a time. I'll need to ferry them to the safety of my small motorized island. And I'll need plenty of fuel to complete my mission."

"You've got it." said the General. "The Neptunians are pretty strong. They won't be easy to defeat. Be careful! I'll send you some enemy data that our intelligence forces have gathered. Study it well."

(diagram of NES controller)
START button
When you press the START button at the title screen or during the demo, the game will start.
To PAUSE the game: Press the START button during the game. The music will change and the game will pause. Press it again while paused to resume the game.

Moves SQOON up, down, left, and right.
If you touch a human with SQOON, the human will be rescued.

A button
Fires missiles.
B button
Fires ice ball gun. To transfer humans to the small motorized island, surface and repeatedly press the "B" button when the island is directly above SQOON.

WEAPON POWER-UP Two step power up
When you start the game, you are equipped with the horizon missile. When you rescue nine people and receive power-up energy, you power up one step.

1. Horizon missile
It is effective but weak.

2. Bow-wow missle
The first time you power-up, your weapon will be upgraded to the Bow-wow missile.

3. Adenoid missile
If you have the Bow-wow missile and power-up again, you will have this weapon at your disposal. It is the most powerful missile available.

Horizon Missile
Kills the Neptunians (the enemies)

Ice Ball Gun (bottom shooting missile)
Destroys bio hot water factory and enemies. When you break the ocean bottom dome with the ice ball gun, the humans come swimming out. Rescue them quickly and transfer them to the small motorized island to receive energy for SQOON.

If you touch the people swimming toward the surface with SQOON, they will be rescued. If SQOON is full (nine people maximum) or is carrying gold and one or more persons, then the small motorized island will appear. When you and the motorized island are aligned on the surface, press the "B" button. The rescued people will be transferred to the motorized island. Rescuing a person is worth 100 points and getting him to the motorized island is worth 200 points.

When you bring nine people, or one person and one gold, to the small motorized island, energy will be dropped. If you touch the energy, SQOON will be fully powered.

Energy (fuel) lasts for 60 seconds. When 20 seconds of fuel remain, SQOON will blink and the alarm will sound.

If energy runs out, you will lose one SQOON, so watch your energy carefully!

Your objective is to visit each country in the world, destroying the Neptunians along the way. The final goal is the North Pole. You will begin at New York.

(*Map pointing from New York, to Hawaii, to China, to India, to Egypt, to Greece, to England, and ending at North Pole*)

3. Enemy Data
Hamako (sea slug) One shot 200 POINTS
Look for it around the cities. It picks up the magic necklace that the mermaid Kazumi has dropped. If you hit it with the ice ball a number of times, it will turn into a necklace. If you pick up this necklace and destroy the bio hot water factory the balance of ocean energy will be disturbed and you may be able to go to some other dimension of the world. This is a magical lifeform.

Chokkin-kani (crab)
If you shoot it with the ice ball gun, the shell of the crab comes off and you can get the gold inside. Touch the gold to collect it. In a few seconds though, the shell will return and the crab will start walking again. Use your gold well. One gold and one person allows you to refuel from the small motorized island.

Pirame (flounder) 20 POINTS
This is the Neptunian scout. If you are killed by this, you're not doing very well. The Pirame dance around the screen.

Ottotto 50 POINTS
Baruban (the ruler of the Neptunians) asked someone to create a smart robot, but this is the result. This is a smart robot that needs more brains.

Bakame (turtle) 50 POINTS
Get away, get away! This bakame is coming! Try to steer clear of this enemy.

Neptunian mine 1000 POINTS
Avoid the mines floating in the ocean. You can destroy them with the ice ball gun.

p. 9
Kazumi 1000 POINTS
Baruban turned Miss Neptune into a mermaid when they reached Earth to confuse the Earth people. However, Kazumi is innocent Miss Neptune. What should you do?

Kattatsumori (snail) 70 POINTS
It used to be a toy for Yarukisu, the son of Baruban. Don't restrain your attack just because it's a child's toy.

Yarigai (spear shellfish) INDESTRUCTIBLE
This is the guard for the Neptunians base. Its thick and hard shell is indestructible, even with horizon missles or ice balls. Avoid them.

Kosodate Mambo (big mambo)(sunfish) Slow-50 POINTS
Fast-100 POINTS
It's the only bio-fish that has a family. It spends all of its time looking for food for the mambouya (little mambo).

Mambouya (child mambo) 50 POINTS
Don't restrain your attack just because this is a little mambo. It's brave and quick.
Ancho (angler fish) Slow-50 POINTS
Fast-100 POINTS
Look out! This fish swims extremely fast and straight.

Ikasama (squid) 50 POINTS
This creature rushes forward suddenly and then stops when it moves. It doesn't play fair-be careful!

p. 10
Tobikko (flying fish) 130 POINTS
JUMP-JUMP-JUMP! If this is around, you can't get close to the surface of the ocean.

Paachiki (nautilus shell) 200 POINTS
It takes three horizon missiles to kill this enemy. If something is spinning and coming, it must be Paachiki.

Kaeru (frog) 100 POINTS
This amphibian is expressionless because it's actually a statue of a sitting frog.

Dainagon (shrimp) 20 POINTS
It looks strong, but it can be killed with the ice ball gun. It makes good sushi.

Tatsunomi (sea horse) 20 POINTS
This is a lost sea horse child, looking for its mother across the oceans.

Ottobake (Neptunian ghost) Each shot-200 POINTS
This is a strange ghost which followed Baruban from the planet Neptune.

Curly Makigai (shellfish) 50 POINTS
If this sees an enemy, it wants to kill, Look out!

Jaws (shark) 20 POINTS
It's the only Earth fish which has been conquered by the Neptunians. It knows that if it follows SQOON, it can get food. It's a man-eating shark.

Factory A (*diagram of factory)
(*Black circle)Can be destroyed with ice balls-1000 points each section.
(*White circle)Cannot be destroyed with ice balls

1. (*White) Ocean bottom dome-It's the dome where the people are being held captive.
2. (*Black) Breathing piston- It creates air, to keep the humans alive.
3. (*Black) Pross piston-It creates the source of energy, prati-pross thirteen, for the bio-factory.
4. (*Black) Plus capsule-It shakes the prati-pross thirteen to create ten times more energy. Look out, it's dangerous!
5. (*White) Hard boiled mantle-The center of the hot water factory, it's burning red hot. This is what melted the polar ice caps.
6. (*Black) Mantle Molder-This discards used hard boiled mantle.
7. (*White) Bio Chimney-Creates the followers of the Neptunians, like the Pirame and Ancho.
8. (*Black) Pachitoriru (MKVII Univox)-Manages the bio-factory.

p. 12
Factory B
(*diagram of factory B)
1. (*Black) Telepter-Communicates with the Neptunian base.
2. (*Black) Marine cleaner-It cleans the ocean for the Neptunians.
3. (*Black) Chiritoriru-Finds enemies quickly.
4. (*Black) Dome Keeper-Guards the ocean bottom dome.
5. (*White) Hamcuder-Man-ham, food for the Neptunians, is made here.

(*diagram of base)
1. (*White) Dari telepter-Communications center. Sends commands to telepters.
2. (*Black) Pakonoido 8932-Main Computer (CPU). Controls the base.
3. (*Black) Torinoido-Sub-computer which works for the Pakonoido 8932.
4. (*Black) Marikutereku-All the records of the Earth invasion are kept in here.

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