Hi fellow researchers. I do lookups at NO charge. When sending documents for me to deliver to the historic site,,,, or,,, when ordering photos, please send payment to KEVIN FRYE 30 HILLSIDE DRIVE BUTLER GEORGIA 31006 ( NO TRAVELERS CHECKS PLEASE )

Most who order photos are very happy with a set of three. One very a few feet away....and one several feet away showing the grave in relation to the surrounding cemetery. These will be 4 x 6 photos . Because of the recent gas price increases, I have been forced to raise my fees slightly. My fee for the set of three is 17 dollars sent with 4 postage stamps.( see below for sample photos ) I can send you 3 photos measuring 5 X 7 for 22 dollars. I will also take additional photos of state memorials for an additional 5 dollars or substitute for one of the grave photos.,,,, add $15.00 if you want any 8X10

I will also email the digital photos for your computer records with each order.

I will also include a pamphlet from the site as well as a certificate on the prisoner which shows grave number and information which includes a NPS Copyright. SAMPLE CERTIFICATE If you go to my links and search for a name who you believe was there and he isn't listed....Please email me and I will check other resources to see if I can find him.
Three Picture ( 4 X 6 ) Set Per Order $17.00 Fee ( and 4 postage stamps )

Three Picture ( 5 X 7 ) Set Per Order $22.00 Fee ( and 4 postage stamps )
Each order will include printed photos, a pamphlet from the historic site, and a certificate by mail and in addition, the digital photos will be emailed to you for your computer family database.

For an 8 X 10 added to either package,,,,,,,,add $15.00
There are a few other things I would like to offer that are of no or little cost to researchers.
FIRST... If you do a search or have me do a search and find that the online databases have.... MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE: YES..... I can get copies for you of these additional records. There is no charge from Andersonville but they do ask for a " DONATION " to be made to the museum. I usually drop a couple dollars to 10 dollars into the box depending on how much information is in the file. Some have one page of a military records submitted by another descendant....some have contained Letters, Obits, Biographies, and Family trees connecting the prisoner to the submitter. Some have even contained photos of the prisoner. If you want these records, all I ask is to tell me you do.....send me your mailing address. I will get the copies, mail them to you, and you send me what you will to cover postage and for the donation.
If you find there is no additional information on your ancestor and you have more you want to have added to his file so others might find can mail them to:
National Park Service Andersonville National Historic Site 496 CEMETERY ROAD Andersonville, Georgia 31711

Another offer I have is that I have 2 pages on my homepage. Websites of Descendants of Andersonville prisoners, and descendants of Andersonville prisoners where I will add your information in common to what is listed there so that other researchers might find you. There is no fee or cost for adding you.