Hello fellow genealogical researchers. My name is Kevin Frye and I do volunteer lookups at Andersonville Civil War Prison in Andersonville, Georgia. My addiction started about 14 years ago when I bought my computer in order to research my roots. I was born and raised in Bellmeade, Maryland, just inside of the Washinton D.C. Beltway and although I grew up just 200 miles from where my roots on my father's side are, in the small town of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, I never did much research. I knew my family has been on the same land since 1868, but never put effort into finding out about them. I then moved to middle Georgia 34 years ago and I have always been interested in the Civil War as when I was growing up, my parents took my 2 brothers and I camping a great deal. We camped near many of the great battlefields around the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas. Through the help of volunteers and finding " cousins" I have found I have a few gg-uncles who fought for Pennsylvania regiments. The ones I have found survived the war with battle wounds, but did live through it. This brings me to Andersonville. I have always had the greatest respect for the military and those who have given everything for the freedoms we now are able to enjoy and am thankful to GOD that he has let our country survive all of the wars and conflicts and still be free. My first visit to Andersonville was filled with awe and sorrow for those who died as well as those who survived their ordeal. I had gone there once or twice a year and my love and respect for the soldiers, on each side,is strong, as they were fighting for what each believed was an important cause. When my family research came to a standstill..I subscribed to the roots-web and the Civil War sites it has. There was a posting from a woman in Idaho who had, a grandfather I believe, buried in Andersonville. I wrote to her and offered to go and see what I could find as well as take a few photos of the grave and surrounding sites. I went the next week and found the grave, took the photos, and sent them to her as I knew she would probably never have a chance to get there herself. She was so happy to get the pics and I called her to tell her about the site. I then thought ..... How many others would like the same thing who will not have access to photos any other way. Well..since then I have found records on more ancestors for researchers than I can remember and have taken more grave photos than I can possibly count. I want to help those who want these things, and it's my way to pay back those volunteers who have helped me. Thank you for visiting my page and please come back as I will be updating it often.

Until May of 2011, I had been a dedicated Volunteer Historian for the National Park Service at Andersonville and held many positions including Vice President for the Friends of Andersonville organization. With the arrival of the new park Superintendent who showed in my opinion , little ability to pay tribute and honor to those who were and still are at Andersonville National Historic Site, I stood up and did the right thing with the encouragement and direction from the Chief NPS Ranger ( Who is now the Cemetery administrator ) at Andersonville who soon turned her back on me and all my work for the NPS which brought on what I feel were acts of retaliation against me for showing the Supt. lacked the ability to honor these hallowed grounds, and not having the ability to properly serve as a steward to the American Public . His actions forced me to to quit as a volunteer for the NPS. I felt I could not serve under the unethical practices which were followed by the management offices at that site. I do however still preform the majority of services I have always done for you, the public.

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