Although I am no longer a Volunteer for the National Park Service and I no longer represent this organization, I still serve you, the public. My extensive behind the scenes tours are an experience that the park does not provide and is one that will make your visit memorable and personal for those who have ancestors who were held at Andersonville and most touching for those who are still at Andersonville in the National Cemetery. My personal guided tours are available on weekends and normally take three to four hours.

My tours will take you around the prison grounds and will inform you on the history of Andersonville where we will visit state monuments located on the grounds, visit the North Gate, Providence Spring, the location of the gallows where the " Raiders " were hanged, the Star Fort and the northeast corner Living History display area all the while learning of the prison experience and what daily life was like for both the prisoners and the Confederate Guards who also experienced this Hell on earth.

Walking the prison portion of my tour is not for the young or elderly, however it is an option which allows you to experience the closeness to the site. The driven tour will allow you to stop and visit these same locations and discuss the importance of each with more comfort and when time restrictions are an issue.

Moving on to the Andersonville National Cemetery is another experience that is thought provocative and allows you to focus on many individual graves and state monuments. This casual walk covers many distinctive features of the cemetery and as the grounds are basically flat, makes the walk easy and stress free.

Because of my many years experience as a Volunteer Historian for the park I have available resources at my fingertips that the park does not have. I can personalize your tour if your research is based on a specific State, Regiment, or individual who was here and I can provide much more detailed information than the typical questions and data provided by park personnel by request.

After your tour, it is a bonus to visit the National Prisoner of War Museum which is also located at Andersonville National Historic Site. This museum is based on the total experience of ALL American Prisoners of War throughout our country's history.

Please feel free to email with the number in your group for more information.