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Paris Les Bain Douches 18.12.79

This review of the gig was translated from French to English by Michel (thanks Michel).

"I had been dreaming of Joy Division for the last 6 months, since I bought their Unknown Pleasures, which fascinates me, because of its sound, graphism and madness. These guys love mystery. They don't like pictures. Joy Division love working in a studio. They are part of the Manchester scene frenzy. And these modern boys appear just like the mad people locked in asylums. Look at the singer, Ian Curtis, who spins like a jerky top, his voice coming out of the limbos, over the violent rumbling guitar, uneasy like the bang of the drums. He definitely has his own way of dancing. The bassist often plays chords on his bass, which has six strings. Dream of the sound ! The tension rises with the voice, which could be considered as a mix of Bowie and of a psycho. The guitar comes back from hell with a distorted, compulsive sound, melodies look like strange little girls. Anxiety reigns in the city. The synth seems to belong to another world : Transmission, their last single, shows a different path. Joy Division don't play pessimistic music. They are the reflection of a town which was rich and important, but whose present looks dangerous, dark and uncertain. Joy Division do have their own sound, but studio sometimes drive to experiments. The record had a bigger impact on me. Was it the quality of the sound ? The band ? The venue ? Things technology can't control"
Rock 'n' Folk (France) February 1980