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Amsterdam Paradiso 11.1.80

Paul saw both Joy Division sets at the Paradiso and kindly provided us with the following comments:

"Actually, at the time (January 1980) Joy Division was unknown to me. I read a article in the OOR magazine about JD and I was very curious, so I decided to visit the gig.

Well, the gig changed my life completely. This kind of music was totally new for me. The leading part of Peter Hook’s hectic bass playing, and the performance and sound of Ian’s voice almost knocked me down. What was happening here? I never experienced such a gig before!

And I was not the only one. It was a breathtaking experience. He touched me deep down inside. I also felt loneliness, desolation and fear too. Before that, music supposed to be entertainment and had nothing to do with feelings deep down inside. Feelings you did not show to the outside world. But Ian did. He confronted me with feelings and emotions that slumber inside of me, he woke them up. Now I had to deal with it. That night I was on my own and could not share this experience. I can’t remember how I left Paradiso, I was in a state of shock, I think. A few days later I bought Unknown Pleasures and after all those years it’s still my favourite album.

Paradiso was well filled, but not crowded, so far I can remember. People didn't dance a lot down at the front but Ian did onstage. Sometimes in a wild way, he seems to be possessed. He did not really make contact with the audience. Most off the time his eyes were closed or just staring into the room.

There was no support act and when they showed up for the second time I might have thought: this is a very long encore. A missing support act happens often at the Paradiso at the time and it wasn't strange for me.

When they played Insight the synth sounds (bleeps) going through the PA monitors all over place. Paradiso was surrounded with sound monitors. That was a special effect I still can remember".