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The Wendell P. Whalum Community Chorus
is proud to present its first Compact Disc:


In His Spirit:  The Choral Music of Wendell P. Whalum

Dr. Wendell P. Whalum's Choral Music

Wendell P. Whalum founded the Atlanta University Center Community Chorus in 1966.  In 1998, the Chorus voted to change its name to honor the memory of its founder.  Dr. Whalum was not just a talented organist, but also a consummate educator, sought-after lecturer, workshop clinician, guest conductor, and well-published scholar on African American Music and Church Music.  His music has become beautiful repertoire for choruses and audiences to enjoy.  In addition to anthems, he wrote arrangements for African music, music from the African American oral tradition, standard mixed chorus literature, and Negro spirituals for mixed voices and male choirs.  Represented here are pieces for mixed chorus.  Whether for church choir, community chorus, or school chorus, Dr. Whalum wrote very practical music which captured the elegance of the highest-quality church music to the enchanting simplicity of what he called "heritage" music.  He wrote music that reflected the ideas about music that are seen in his many articles and lectures on music, particularly African American music.  His eclectic and conservative style is filled with luscious harmonic progressions, crafty contrapuntal techniques, and deliberate attention to African American stylistic elements such as the "lilt" in the rhythm or the bent notes in some of the melodies.  In May, 1998, the Wendell P. Whalum Community Chorus presented a concert of Dr. Whalum's music, recording it later that week.  Included are the dedications for each title so you may get an even broader picture of Dr. Wendell P. Whalum and his fondness for music, music makers, and music lovers.  We hope you enjoy our historic first recording.                     --David Morrow


1.    Abide With Me (tune by H. Millard)
       For Union Baptist Church Choir, Baltimore, MD
       Melvin Jones and Kenneth Watson, Trumpet

2.    Amazin' Grace (Old Negro Hymn tune)
       Antoinette Hollis, Soprano

3.    Come We That Love The Lord (Old Negro Hymn Tune)

4.    There Is A Fountain (based on the hymn tune Heber by George Kingsley)
       For the Allen Temple Church Choir, Atlanta, GA

5.    Keresimesi Odun Deo (Nigerian Christmas Song)
       "To my good friend Michael Babatunde Olatunji"
        featuring percussionists from the Morehouse College Glee Club

6.    I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me
       From the A.M.E. Church Bicentennial Hymnal
       Melissa James, Alto and Elbert Gurley, Bass

7.    See Four And Twenty Elders
       From the A.M.E. Church Bicentennial Hymnal

8.    Leaning On The Lord
       For the Montreat Adult Choir, Summer 1986
       Holman Edmond, Tenor

9.    Mary Was The Queen Of Galilee
       "To Claire"
       Evelyn Rosser, Soprano

10.    Lily Of The Valley
         "To Trudl and Gerhard Krapf in gratitude"

11.    Give Me Jesus
         "In Memory of Thelma Twigg Whalum, 1905 - 1976"
         Crystal Harris, Soprano

12.    Drinkin' Of The Wine
         For Dr. Grace B. Smith and the Friendship Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

13.    Sweet Home
         "In Memory of H. David Whalum, 1895 - 1947"
         Deadra Griffeth, Soprano

14.    Who'll Be A Witness
         For Allen Crowell and the Georgia All-State Chorus, 1982
         Conrad Moore, Tenor

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