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Some More Bears Featured in my Collection

Artie is 3-1/2” standing. I made him for the Vocation Swap that was organized on the Teddybear List. He represents my other job as a graphic artist.

$40.00 ea.

Petey Panda is an adorable panda just right for your love.
He is 2-3/8" and made of all upholstery fabric.

$25.00 ea.

Benjamin is 3-1/2" standing. He’s hanging out in his blue overalls eating an icecream cone in this Georgia heat!

$30.00 ea.

Blanket Bear is 2-3/8" standing. Remember when you were little and you had feety pajamas? Need to choose a pajama color and if you want it to be a boy or girl.

$35.00 ea.