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The Battle of Resaca
A History of the Effort to Preserve the Battlefield

"...we must not allow the battlefields where so much American blood was so heroically spilled over such fundamental issues to become disposable property subject to commercial development. Civil War battlefields are a historical legacy belonging to all Americans, a resource as precious as our national parks and forests and worthy of the same protection. To sell off bits and pieces of them is to sell off pieces of American history and to break faith with hundreds of thousands of Americans who died on these battlefields."

- former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn

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In late-1994 a group of individuals got together and formed the "Friends of Resaca Battlefield." This group initially consisted of just a few residents of Resaca, Georgia with a concern for the preservation for the historical value and environmental quality of their area. They began, in conjunction with the Georgia Civil War Commission, a monumental effort to acquire about several hundred acres of pristine farmland upon which was situated some of the best preserved entrenchments anywhere in America of a major battle in the War Between the States.

That effort has now succeeded in securing over 500 acres of the original battlefield for development of an interpretive State Historic Park. A new web site is currently being developed by the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, Inc. to create a "virtual" battlefield tour in addition to serving other needs. In the meantime, here is the story of the struggle to preserve the battlefield and up-to-date information on the creation of the State Battlefield Park at Resaca, Georgia.

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